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Antibes Weather And Best Time To Visit Antibes

Planning A Trip To Antibes? Here's a snapshot of Antibes weather and the best time to visit Antibes

Antibes is one of the most preferred destinations on the French Riviera, which is especially popular among families. Situated in the Alpes-Maritimes department of the Cote d’Azur region in southeast France, Antibes is a Mediterranean seaside town with a vibrant culture, a rich history and a yachting community that brings in some of the most luxurious vessels to the coast. Much like other coastal cities on the French Riviera, Antibes enjoys a predominantly Mediterranean weather with warm summers and mild winters. With tranquil beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, and a wide range of historic museums and lovely gardens, Antibes has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers. Here is all you need to know about the different seasons in this lively town and the best time to visit Antibes.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Antibes Weather And Best Time To Visit Antibes
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The peak season in Antibes is definitely the summers. The little city is constantly brimming with tourists in this season who visit to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and the beach scenes of Antibes. Average temperatures range from 25⁰C-35⁰C, with minimal chances of rainfall. This is also the perfect time to indulge in water sports like sailing or speed boating, which are immensely enjoyable in the gentle summer breezes. Rise in tourist numbers during this time also means there’s a considerable hike on hotel rates as well.

Autumn (September – November)

Autumn (September – November):  Antibes Weather And Best Time To Visit Antibes
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Autumn is one of the most charming times of the year. While it is not as busy as the peak summer season, it is still one of the best times to explore Antibes. September especially remains warm and pleasant enough to enjoy all outdoor activities and the beaches, with the advantage of cheaper hotels providing an added benefit to budget travellers. Temperatures range around an average of 23⁰C in September, dipping to around 18⁰C in November.

Winter (December – February)

Winter (December – February):  Antibes Weather And Best Time To Visit Antibes
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Winters may not be a great time to plan a trip to Antibes since this is typically off-season among tourists. The average temperature is in the range of 4⁰C-10⁰C and most of the good hotels and restaurants remain closed during this time. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, some activity returns to the town but most travellers tend to avoid winters when planning trips to Antibes.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  Antibes Weather And Best Time To Visit Antibes
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Spring season begins sometime late in March, marking the departure of cool winters and advent of the warmer months. The weather remains mild and rainy towards the beginning of spring, which is overall a picturesque season that showcases different varieties of flora and fauna bursting back into life. Hotel rates are low in spring as well, and if you don’t mind occasional rain hampering your plans, spring is a good time to visit before the tourist crowds start flocking in towards the end of May.

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