Nathang Valley
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Nathang Valley Weather And Best Time To Visit Nathang Valley

Planning A Trip To Nathang Valley? Here's a snapshot of Nathang Valley weather and the best time to visit Nathang Valley

Famously known as ‘Ladakh of the East’, Nathang Valley is a small village located at an astounding altitude of 4000 m in the eastern regions of Sikkim. While it is a remote town that is encountered as part of the Silk Route, this Tibetan habitation is known for its breathtaking views and natural beauty that still remains untouched from the meddling hands of humans.


With some extreme weather conditions during the winter season, Nathang's weather is usually a riot of colors through the rest of the year. The valley continues to remain a dynamic spot that may be engulfed in fog one day yet turn out bright and vibrant the next. Read on to know more about some of the best times to visit Nathang Valley.

Summer (April – September)

Summer (April – September):  Nathang Valley Weather And Best Time To Visit Nathang Valley
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The months of April and May are some of the best times to be in Nathang Valley. This is the season of rhododendron blossoms and the entire valley gets covered in colorful wildflower blooms and lush greens after the thawing of snow from the chilly winters. Nathang Valley also witnesses heavy rainfall and foggy days during the monsoons from July to September, which may hamper travel due to the occasional landslides caused in this treacherous terrain. It is advisable for tourists traveling with children or the elderly to avoid the rainy season; while people traveling alone or with friends may choose to brave the rainy weather that holds its own charm as it pours down the hills.

Autumn (October – November)

Autumn (October – November):  Nathang Valley Weather And Best Time To Visit Nathang Valley
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Just before the chilly winters set in, the months of October and November witness favorable weather and moderate temperatures that make this time an ideal season to visit Nathang Valley. The skies are clear with minimal chances of precipitation that is perfect for all sightseeing activities.

Winter (December – March)

Winter (December – March):  Nathang Valley Weather And Best Time To Visit Nathang Valley
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Nathang Valley experiences extreme winters and the temperature remains well below the freezing point throughout most of the season. Precipitation in the form of snowfall can be witnessed on a frequent basis, and for those who enjoy the snow and chilly climate, this may be a great time to visit. However, because of the heavy snowfall, most of the valley gets buried under thick layers of snow and the whole Silk Route is shut down during this time. The duration is usually between January to March, but the closing and re-opening of most roads depends largely on the weather conditions.

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