Nathang Valley
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Things To Do In Nathang Valley

Planning A Trip To Nathang Valley? Here's our list of top things to do in Nathang Valley

Nathang Valley is a region of lush grasslands with winding streams flowing through its greens in the eastern regions of Sikkim. A small hamlet encountered along the way on the old Silk Route, Nathang is inhabited by natives of Tibetan origin who also provide their residences as means of lodging and accommodation for the tourists who visit.


With snow being a significant part of Nathang’s climate, the Sikkim government is developing skiing as a winter sport on the brilliant slopes of the valley. While its remote location takes a bit of travel to reach, spending a few days among the scenic beauty of Nathang is a chance that should not be missed. Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Nathang Valley.  

Bike Ride Along the Stretch

Bike Ride Along the Stretch:  Things To Do In Nathang Valley
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Biking along the entire Silk Route is a commonly loved activity among all adventure enthusiasts. However, one has to travel with one’s own bike since renting or riding on someone else’s bike does is not permitted in this area. A permit is also required to be obtained for traveling on the Silk Route with your own vehicle. While it may seem like a lot of work, the journey on this scenic route will prove worth all the trouble in the end.

Stay with Locals

Stay with Locals:  Things To Do In Nathang Valley
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The remoteness and the altitude at which Nathang Valley is located, it is difficult to expect luxury accommodation of any sort. Instead, it is the private residences of the locals that have been turned into lodging areas for the tourists, wherein they get to stay with the natives while enjoying their trip to Nathang Valley. The accommodation and facilities provided are of the most basic kind, yet the hospitality and warmth of the locals here makes up for all that lacks elsewhere. Food is provided by the owners of the homestay as well, which is fresh, warm and home cooked.

Visit Thambi Viewpoint

Visit Thambi Viewpoint:  Things To Do In Nathang Valley
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At an altitude of 3400 m, the Thambi viewpoint offers some amazing panoramic views of the mighty Kanchenjunga. However, it is mostly known for providing the best views of the famous road that zigzags through this region with 30 hairpin turns, popularly called the Bhulbhulaiya. The viewpoint was even named after the engineer who is responsible for designing the construction of this road, which almost serves as a landmark in the Zuluk region. 

Visit Lungthung

Visit Lungthung:  Things To Do In Nathang Valley
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Situated close to Thambi, Lungthung-Dhupidhara is also known for being a great location that offers amazing views of the Kanchenjunga and the zigzag road. Usually covered in snow, visiting Lungthung also has its perks with some cozy and relatively new homestays on offer here that provide basic comforts and some great hospitality.

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