Yumthang Valley
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Things To Do In Yumthang Valley

Planning A Trip To Yumthang Valley? Here's our list of top things to do in Yumthang Valley

With colorful blooms that blanket the landscapes and exotic wildlife that abound in the region, Yumthang Valley is a charming location nestled into the heart of northern Sikkim. The alpine forests and fir trees line the hilly terrain during summers and in winters the whole valley gets covered in gleaming snow, creating a spectacle that could easily compete with any popular hill station in India


Although the main attractions of the region revolve around its natural beauty and vibrant flora, the adventure junkies will also discover some worthy options in this ‘Valley Of Flowers’ to curb their sporting urges. Read on to know more about some of the best things to do in Yumthang Valley.

Spend Time near Yumthang Chu

Spend Time near Yumthang Chu:  Things To Do In Yumthang Valley
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Yumthang Chu is a river that flows through the Rhododendron sanctuary in the valley. It is a popular attraction that is actually encountered on the way to Yumthang. It is surrounded by lovely blooms and green shrubs and makes for great camera-worthy moments, or even a fine spot to simply sit back and relax. The Yumthang Hot Spring is situated on the right side of the river and is within walking distance.


Skiing:  Things To Do In Yumthang Valley
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During the winter months, Yumthang Valley is a brilliant spot for exploring skiing along the snowy slopes as an adventure activity. The Sikkim Mountaineering Association can be credited for introducing skiing as a sport in the valley, which can be undertaken by both experts and beginners in the region.

Visit Lachen

Visit Lachen:  Things To Do In Yumthang Valley
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Lachen is a gorgeous scenic town situated close to Yumthang Valley, which is the perfect location in the area to explore trekking options. Located at an altitude of almost 3000 m, Lachen also features as the base camp to hike to the Muguthang Valley and the Chopta Valley.


Chungthang:  Things To Do In Yumthang Valley
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The town of Chungthang is encountered on the way to Yumthang at the junction of Lachen and Lachung Rivers. It is considered sacred by the locals as it is believed to be blessed by the Buddhist saint Guru Padmasambhava. According to legends, the rock on which he seated himself still holds his footprints to this day, apart from a small hole in the rock that spouts water as well. The farming of paddy in Chungthang is also believed to be a miracle in the valley since the climate of the region does not support paddy growth, and is assumed to be a blessing by the saint as well.

Try Local Food

Try Local Food:  Things To Do In Yumthang Valley
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The high altitude location of Yumthang Valley does not support a lot of food businesses; however, you will find an abundance of local eateries in Lachung and on the route to Yumthang. Rice is a staple food in the region, along with fish and dal and local vegetables. Because of Tibetan influence, momos are also quite common in this part of Sikkim. And then off course, at every other stall there is the humble Maggi to satiate instant hunger cravings.

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