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Things To Do In Dzuluk

Planning A Trip To Dzuluk? Here's our list of top things to do in Dzuluk

Dzuluk is a small village settlement that is located in the eastern part of Sikkim. Its major claim to fame is the historic significance attached to this area, which lies along the centre of what was once known as the Silk Route – an important trade route between India and Tibet that was closed after the Chinese invasion of Tibet. Being close to the India-Tibet border, Dzuluk also houses a large military base.


In recent times, it has emerged as a distinctive tourist destination that offers home-stay options to visitors so they can enjoy this quaint village while staying with the locals. With excellent views of the Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga, Dzuluk is a serene location that is perfect for those seeking a private retreat among the confines of the hills. Here are some of the best things to do while in Dzuluk.

Watch Sunrise at Thambi Viewpoint

Watch Sunrise at Thambi Viewpoint:  Things To Do In Dzuluk
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Thambi viewpoint is located around 14 km away from Dzuluk and is situated at an altitude of around 2000 m. The steep climb to this region leads to a spot that offers the best sunrise views in the region, including panoramas of the entire Himalayan range.


The infamous stories of the legendary creature Yeti also appear to have originated here; getting to hear the stories from the locals here will prove to be an interesting part of your journey to Thambi.

Visit Kupup Village

Visit Kupup Village:  Things To Do In Dzuluk
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A small village located at an altitude of almost 4000 m, it is one of the most brilliant spectacles in the state that is encountered while passing through the Silk Route, and is also one of the highest villages in the area. The elephant shaped Kupup Lake, also known as Bitan Cho, is a sacred water body in Kupup Valley that offers spectacular views of the mountains with peaceful and tranquil surroundings. The Yak Golf Course situated in this valley is the highest of its kind in the world and has gained nationwide recognition.  

Camp around Memencho Lake

Camp around Memencho Lake:  Things To Do In Dzuluk
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Memencho Lake area is a great place to camp in or simply stroll around while soaking in the natural beauty. The road to this lake originates from the area of Baba Mandir and requires special permission to visit. For those interested, a charming little cottage near the lake can be used to stay over for the night with the help of prior arrangements. 

Explore the Wildlife

Explore the Wildlife:  Things To Do In Dzuluk
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The region of Dzuluk is home to a variety of exotic native species like the Himalayan black bear and red panda, and more common species like the deer and wild dog. Occasional sightings of the tiger have also been reported, along with a number of different pheasant species. Animal lovers and bird watchers will find Dzuluk to be a fascinating space to explore their interests.

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