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Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk

Planning A Trip To Dzuluk? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dzuluk

Dzuluk is a little remote settlement located at an altitude of 3000 m that has recently risen to one of the most sought after tourist destinations in eastern Sikkim. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, it forms a part of the old Silk Road that used to be a major trade route between Tibet and India. Ever since its closure, it has gradually gained fame as being a great holiday spot with scenic locales and a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxing retreat.


Most of Dzuluk’s charm revolves around its secluded spots and hidden gems in the form of quaint villages, scenic lakes and splendid viewpoints. Read on to know more about some of the best tourist places to visit in Dzuluk.

Old Baba Mandir/Adi Baba Mandir

Old Baba Mandir/Adi Baba Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk
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This locally revered temple was constructed to commemorate Sepoy Harbhajan Singh, who is believed to have lost his life on this site. It holds the preserved remains of Baba Harbhajan Singh’s clothes, bed and his writing desk. The Wreath Laying Ceremony organized in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives here is one of the highlights of this region. Tourists can also enjoy refreshments at stalls present around the temple, which features as one of the most visited landmarks in Dzuluk.

Tukla Valley

Tukla Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk
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Named after the famous Tukla War, this valley is situated at an altitude of 3800 m, and is best known for the war memorial present here that commemorates the British soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. It is a beautiful location that also offers panoramic views of the Kanchenjunga range.


The well known Jelep La pass is also located close by and can be explored during your visit to Tukla Valley.

Gnathang Valley

Gnathang Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk
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Located along the middle of the Silk Route, Gnathang is well known for being the perfect site in the region to enjoy winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. A lush green valley that was once the home of traditional yak herders from Tibet, it is a beautiful place to spend a night or two in the local home-stays that also provide simple, home-cooked  dishes; a wonderful complement to the scenic surroundings.


Lungthung:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk
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At around 4000 m, Lungthung lies at the highest point in Dzuluk; all other landmarks in the area are located along the mountain ridges. Upon reaching Lungthung, you will find small stalls serving tea and snacks to help you with refreshments before moving on to other areas. Don’t miss out on the chance to interact with the local villagers here, most of who are of Tibetan origin; the older natives often have numerous stories to share from their time of escape from the Chinese invasion to their settlement in Dzuluk.

Kalpokhari Lake

Kalpokhari Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk
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Close to the Adi Baba Mandir, the Kalpokhari Lake is another well known attraction of Dzuluk. It is one of the numerous admirable sights in the area, with wild ducks lazing around in the pristine waters of the lake, which freezes over in the winters creating an even mesmerizing spectacle.

Nag Temple

Nag Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dzuluk
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The Cobra snake depicts a deity in Hindu mythology, which is known as Nag Devta. The Nag Temple in Dzuluk is devoted to this deity and is one of the key landmarks in this village. The temple is in the form of a cave, and the idol of the Nag has been carved out of rocks that have been shaped by cracks over the years.

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