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Dzuluk Weather And Best Time To Visit Dzuluk

Planning A Trip To Dzuluk? Here's a snapshot of Dzuluk weather and the best time to visit Dzuluk

The small village of Dzuluk is a remote settlement situated in the eastern region of Sikkim. It is a relatively new tourist destination that has gained popularity over the years for being a part of the old Silk Road – an ancient trade route between India and Tibet that flourished up until the first part of the 20th century, until the invasion of China into Tibet. There is also a military base located here that serves as a transit camp for troops moving towards the Chinese border.


Dzuluk witnesses mostly cold climatic conditions throughout the year, with certain months experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Nonetheless, it is a lovely hill station to take a trip to almost all year long, especially while escaping the intense summer heat of northern Indian regions. Read on to know more about the weather in Dzuluk and the best time to visit this region.

Summer (April – June)

Summer (April – June):  Dzuluk Weather And Best Time To Visit Dzuluk
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While its considered summer, these months are still relatively cold yet pleasantly enjoyable with clear skies and a crisp weather, making it the most ideal time to take a trip to Dzuluk. The late spring season experiences blossoms of rhododendrons and wild flowers, turning this rough terrain into a lush, colorful valley. Summer season is the perfect time to visit Dzuluk for those looking for respite from the scorching heat of North India.

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Dzuluk Weather And Best Time To Visit Dzuluk
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The monsoon season usually experiences very heavy rainfall, with foggy days caused due to high humidity. The thick clouds prevent good views of the hills and landscape, and the heavy rain makes traveling in the region unsuited for this weather. However, during the months of August and September, the whole valley gets covered in beautiful wild flowers and is a sight to behold after the retreat of monsoons, making this one of the best times to visit Dzuluk.

Winter (October – March)

Winter (October – March):  Dzuluk Weather And Best Time To Visit Dzuluk
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The winter season in Dzuluk is quite intense and is marked by the entire region getting blanketed under layers of snow throughout the winter months. Average temperature stays close to freezing range, with precipitation in the form of snowfall being quite common that may bring down the temperature even lower. For those who enjoy this type of climate and are fond of snowfall, winter may be the ideal time to visit Dzuluk. Be sure to pack enough warm winter wear.

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