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Yuksom Weather And Best Time To Visit Yuksom

Planning A Trip To Yuksom? Here's a snapshot of Yuksom weather and the best time to visit Yuksom

A small, historical yet charming town in western Sikkim, Yuksom is a pristine part of nature nestled between majestic mountains and scenic forests that offer an amazing holiday experience. It is surrounded by a rich Buddhist culture that is as significant to the tourists who visit here as it is to the pilgrims and devotees in the region.


Often termed as the ‘Gateway to Kanchenjunga’, Yuksom is a picturesque hilly town that can be enjoyed in almost all weather conditions, all year long. Nature and animal lovers alike can admire the beauty of this village that also boasts the presence of the famed Kanchenjunga National Park in its vicinity. Read on to know the details of the best time to visit Yuksom.  

Summer (March-May)

Summer (March-May):  Yuksom Weather And Best Time To Visit Yuksom
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Summertime makes for the perfect season to visit Yuksom. While majority of North India is scorching under the summer sun during this time, Yuksom experiences a pleasant climate with temperatures that hover around 10ᴼC and rarely exceeds 30ᴼC. Activities like trekking and sightseeing are quite enjoyable in this season, which makes Yuksom a favorite among travellers seeking to escape the heat of the cities.

Monsoon (June-September)

Monsoon (June-September):  Yuksom Weather And Best Time To Visit Yuksom
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Monsoons don’t make for a good time to travel to Yuksom. While the temperature is still within moderately pleasant range, the heavy rainfall causes the roads and trails to become muddy and slippery, making all kinds of travel in the area relatively dangerous. Moreover, any kind of outdoor activities are largely hindered due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Winter (October-February)

Winter (October-February):  Yuksom Weather And Best Time To Visit Yuksom
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While the actual winters don’t begin until December, the months of October and November start to cool down drastically after the retreat of monsoons in September. These months may be called a brief autumn season, and are pleasant enough for a trip to Yuksom, but from December onwards the temperatures hit negative digits and rarely ever go above a maximum of 15ᴼC.


Despite the chilly climate, some people do enjoy traveling to Yuksom in this season to enjoy the views of snow capped hills and even landscapes blanketed in layers upon layers of white snow.

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