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Lachen Weather And Best Time To Visit Lachen

Planning A Trip To Lachen? Here's a snapshot of Lachen weather and the best time to visit Lachen

Lachen is a quaint little village situated in the northern district of Sikkim. It is a town blessed with natural beauty in the form of mountains, valleys and forests that form an integral part of the rising tourism in this region. A number of lodges and home-stays have popped up in the village that help the native residents earn a living through the influx of tourists who visit Lachen looking for an enjoyable retreat and a break from the usual hustles of daily life.  


Surrounded by mountains on all sides, this hill station experiences a cooler climate throughout most of the year. Here is a detailed account on the weather conditions of Lachen and the best time to visit this scenic town.

Summer (March-June)

Summer (March-June):  Lachen Weather And Best Time To Visit Lachen
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Summertime is the most pleasant season to visit Lachen. Unlike north Indian regions, this hill station witnesses moderate summers with a temperature range of 10ᴼC-28ᴼC. It features a comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for sightseeing and hiking activities. You will also observe blooms of rhododendrons spread across meadows, and with clear trails and roads, traveling becomes relatively easier in this hilly terrain.

Monsoons (July-September)

Monsoons (July-September):  Lachen Weather And Best Time To Visit Lachen
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Monsoons are quite heavy in this region and are not a suitable season to visit Lachen. The heavy rainfall causes the roads and trails to muddy up and disrupt traveling between different locations, along with causing hindrances to any form of outdoor activities. Landslides on the way up to Lachen are a common occurrence due to rains as well. The average temperature ranges between 15ᴼC-22ᴼ and if you do enjoy mountains getting veiled in fog and rain then you are always welcome to visit.

Winter (October-February)

Winter (October-February):  Lachen Weather And Best Time To Visit Lachen
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Winters in Lachen get considerably chilly, with average temperatures in the range of 5ᴼC-15ᴼC; however, it is still one of the best times to visit this visually striking village to enjoy its snow covered landscapes and frozen lakes that are a sight to behold. It is a lot like being in a white mountain wonderland.

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