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Things To Do In Jorethang

Planning A Trip To Jorethang? Here's our list of top things to do in Jorethang

At an altitude of 300 m in the southern district of Sikkim, Jorethang is a commercial hotspot most well known for being a transit location for those traveling to Pelling in west Sikkim. It is situated along the banks of the river Rangeet that divides the states of Sikkim and West Bengal; being just around 30 km away from Darjeeling, it is also the perfect weekend getaway from the latter state.


An idyllic destination for those looking to take some time off from a busy life, Jorethang offers a number of options with adventure activities and sightseeing opportunities to satisfy every traveler’s whim and fancy. Head down to this riverside town for a short vacation; here is a list to help you with the top things to do in Jorethang.

Bathe in Hot Springs

Bathe in Hot Springs:  Things To Do In Jorethang
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One of Sikkim’s key highlights is its collection of natural hot springs that are also known to have therapeutic properties. The hot spring of Jorethang is one of the most visited sites in the region; the temperature of the water ranges around 50ᴼC, that doubles as natural spas during winter months. The high sulfur content in these waters has great medicinal properties that witnesses visitors from all over coming here to benefit from these springs.

Explore Water Sports

Explore Water Sports:  Things To Do In Jorethang
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The strategic location of Jorethang near the Rangeet River offers great opportunities for water sports, making it a highly frequented place by numerous adventure enthusiasts every year. The turbulent waters of the river are perfect for the sport of river rafting, along with angling and fishing.   

Visit nearby Towns

Visit nearby Towns:  Things To Do In Jorethang
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While there are a number of local attractions within Jorethang, this town usually features on the list of tourists traveling to other nearby locations like Pelling, Namchi and Ravangla. The distance between Jorethang and these towns is 48 km, 21 km, and 46 km respectively. Each of these towns has amazing landmarks and brilliant locales on offer that make paying them a visit a worthy opportunity. One-day trips are the best to each town at a time.

Maghe Mela

Maghe Mela:  Things To Do In Jorethang
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Jorethang is most renowned for the much-awaited annual fair Maghey Mela that takes place in January every year. Originated from an agricultural fair that was first held in 1955, the event showcases the customs and traditions of Sikkim with cultural programs, sporting events and food fairs. Celebrated with extreme grandeur, the festival lasts for three days after starting on the 14th of January, following the completion of harvesting and replanting of winter crops.

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