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Murshidabad Weather And Best Time To Visit Murshidabad

Planning A Trip To Murshidabad? Here's a snapshot of Murshidabad weather and the best time to visit Murshidabad

Murshidabad in West Bengal is a popular tourist destination in the state. An important place which features prominently in Bengal’s history during the 18th century, Murshiidabad continues to draw people for some interesting structures and places it has. Well connected with important towns and the capital city of Kolkata have increased interest in the town. Weather however plays an important role in Murshidabad’s tourism. Summers being exceptionally hot and unmanageable, tourism in the town is restricted to few months of the year only. Here's a guide to best for a visit in Murshidabad.

Summer (April to June)

Summer (April to June):  Murshidabad Weather And Best Time To Visit Murshidabad
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Like most places in the state, Murshidabad experiences a hot tropical climate. Summers are hot, humid and sultry. The scorching heat is unbearable and has the sun beating down relentlessly and mercilessly on all. The temperature crosses the 40°C threshold with ease. May and June are the hottest and toughest months for Murshidabad and its people. The early summer months are somewhat better and they witness occasional showers, hailstorms, and thunderstorms which help to keep the temperature and heat in check. These storms are popularly referred to as Kal Baisakhi across the state. But come May, all rains disappear. It is the least favorable time for visiting Murshidabad and is strongly recommended not a plan a trip during these months.

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September):  Murshidabad Weather And Best Time To Visit Murshidabad
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Monsoon sets in the month of July bringing respite from the intense heat of the summer months. Murshidabad experiences extremely heavy rainfall with August experiencing the highest amount of rainfall. The heavy rainfall causes occasional flooding in the district which makes travel and commuting very difficult. Heavy rain and ice sleet cover the whole town. It is not the best time for visiting Murshidabad because incessant rainfall makes exploring the different attractions in the city very tough. Being offseason, however, you can get some deals on hotel tariffs.  

Winter (October to March)

Winter (October to March):  Murshidabad Weather And Best Time To Visit Murshidabad
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With summer and monsoon proving to be not the best times to visit Murshidabad, winter is the only time favorable for a trip. From October to March the weather treats everyone well. It is cool, comfortable and pleasant and the town sees heavy footfall of tourists. Winter also coincides with a number of festivals that are celebrated with much fervor. Durga Puja and Kali Puja are the two festivals when the entire district decks up. There are pandals everywhere rejoicing the homecoming of Maa Durga. Following this in Diwali, Goddess Kali is worshipped with equal zeal. Temperature does not go below 5°C which means that winters are not freezing cold. Sightseeing and traveling are comfortable.

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