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Kolkata Weather And Best Time To Visit Kolkata

Planning A Trip To Kolkata? Here's a snapshot of Kolkata weather and the best time to visit Kolkata

The capital city of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, Kolkata is a must visit tourist destination for all. A vibrant culture, warm loving people, fascinating cuisine and close proximity to some popular destinations of Bengal makes Kolkata quite special. Every season has a different flavour but due to global warming, visiting Kolkata during summers is a big no. Winter is the best time for exploring the city. Let us look at the different seasons and weather patterns, and how they treat the people of Kolkata.

Summer (April to June)

Summer (April to June):  Kolkata Weather And Best Time To Visit Kolkata
Photograph by https://bengali.indianexpress.com

Officially summer in Kolkata is from April to June but that is only on paper. Every year the summer is getting extended and now continues till August and sometimes September. Mercury has been on the rise and every year it reaches a new a record. Summer temperatures range between 35°C and 44°C. What is worse is the extremely high humidity, which has people battling out heat and sweat every day. It is sultry, hot and extremely unpleasant and hence it is the least recommended time for visiting Kolkata. Even if you do happen to reach the city during these months, remember to carry soft cotton clothes and keep yourself hydrated.

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September):  Kolkata Weather And Best Time To Visit Kolkata
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Previously Kolkata used to receive good monsoon rainfall and from July onwards temperatures would go down considerably. Every year however monsoon is getting pushed off and despite the rains, temperature and humidity continues to remain high. Kolkata experiences loads of rainfall due to depressions in the Bay of Bengal. They bring torrential rainfall. Rainy season means water loggings in different parts of the city and not very pleasant. From August onwards however weather improves.

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Kolkata Weather And Best Time To Visit Kolkata
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Winter is undoubtedly the best time for visiting and touring the city. Temperatures slowly drop making it pleasant for the people. October is also a highly recommended time for visiting the city as the latter gears up for its biggest festival, the five day extravaganza, the Durga Puja. From about a month before the city slowly starts getting ready for the big show. There are pandals constructed in different parts of the city, the malls and market places are teeming with people busy buying new clothes for the occasion. The entire city dresses up and is stunning to watch as the lights come on, music is played on speakers and sound of mantras fill the air. It is worth visiting the city again and again to witness this spectacle.


This is followed by Diwali and Kali Puja. Christmas is also celebrated with much enthusiasm as Kolkata boasts of a fairly high Christian population. Park Street is decked up like Puja, there are Christmas Carols playing in different clubs and restaurants and sounds of midnight masses fill the air. New Year is also much looked forward to. The winter season coincides with Hindu festivals of Nobanno and Poush Sankranti, which celebrate new harvest. You get treated to some amazing delicacies and sweet dishes like Puli, Pithe. All in all, Kolkata in winter is an opportunity to see the city at its best.

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