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Digha Weather And Best Time To Visit Digha

Planning A Trip To Digha? Here's a snapshot of Digha weather and the best time to visit Digha

Located in the coastal region of West Bengal, Digha is the perfect weekend seaside getaway. A long drive and two days by the sea is what lures most people of the state to this vastly popular tourist destination. No matter what weather, people keep traveling to this spot throughout the year. However it is winter that is the best season here as whether remains cool and pleasant. Let us see how every season treats Digha.

Summer (March to June)

Summer (March to June):  Digha Weather And Best Time To Visit Digha
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Coastal areas tend to be hot and humid during the summer months. There is a lot of sweating and discomfort and visiting Digha during these months may not a be a very good idea. As it is not the peak season, the place tends to be a little empty and hotels cheaper. Irrespective of the heat, people from Kolkata keep visiting the town as it is anyway extremely hot in Kolkata and they come here in search of some breeze if any. If traveling during these months, remember to carry sun protection and hats and keep yourselves hydrated.

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September):  Digha Weather And Best Time To Visit Digha
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Monsoon sets in from July and it brings the much needed respite from the sweltering heat. The showers help to bring temperatures down and weather becomes relatively pleasant. However, monsoon may not still be considered the ideal time for visiting Digha for fear of high tides. And despite rains humidity continues to remain on the higher side. Those visiting in monsoon will have to spend most time indoors as there will not be much to do out on the beach.

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Digha Weather And Best Time To Visit Digha
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Winter is undoubtedly the most preferable time for visiting Digha. It is also the time for Bengal’s biggest festival - Durga Puja, and many people use their leaves to spend some leisurely time on the beach in Digha. Digha also celebrates the festival with much fervor and tourists get an opportunity to get a flavor of the celebrations there. Temperatures remain moderate and it is airy and comfortable. Tourists can engage in beach sports like skiing, scuba diving etc. Hotels get booked well in advance and if you are planning to visit Digha during these months make sure you make reservations beforehand to avoid disappointments.

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