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How To Reach Kolkata

Planning A Trip To Kolkata? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Kolkata

The capital of the east Indian state of West Bengal, Kolkata is an old city. One of the 4 metropolitans of the country, Kolkata boasts of a rich heritage and past. It was the capital of British India and has always occupied a centre stage in political and cultural life of the country. Also referred to as the ‘City of Joy’, the city is all about emotions and nostalgia. Located on the banks of River Hoogly, Kolkata continues to charm its way into the lives of the people who visit her. As one of the major cities of the eastern part of the country and by virtue of being the capital of British India, Kolkata enjoys brilliant connectivity with the rest of the country. Let us take a brief look into how you can reach Kolkata.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Kolkata
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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Dum Dum is the closest airport to the city of Kolkata. It has both public and private air carriers connecting the city to all major cities of the country. It has international flights operating out of the city connecting it with South Asian and European countries. From the airport tourists can hire prepaid taxis as well as private cabs to reach the interiors of the city or to other neighbouring destinations. There are bus services also connecting the airport to different parts of the city.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Kolkata
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Kolkata is the headquarters of Eastern Railways which is one of the 18 railway zones in the country. The city has two major railheads: Sealdah and Howrah. They are among the busiest stations in the country. Trains travelling to and from the eastern part of the country begin and end at Sealdah while trains travelling to and from western, southern and central parts of the country begin and end at Howrah. From the stations tourists can hire prepaid and private taxis to reach different parts of the city or head out to other destinations. As Howrah station is located close to Hoogly River, tourists without much luggage can take the ferry to cross the river and reach Kolkata. It is a great way to get a taste of the different flavours of Kolkata and also enjoy the scenic beauty of the might river and the iconic Howrah Bridge.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Kolkata
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By virtue of being the capital city of British India, Kolkata witnessed construction of a good network of roads which help to connect with many parts of the country. NH19 connects Delhi to Kolkata. Buses and taxis can take tourists from Kolkata to any part of the country. There are government and private operated bus services in the city that offer great connectivity.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Kolkata
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Kolkata boasts of one of the best public transportations in the country. Public and mini buses connect every nook and corner of the city and have great frequency. Kolkata was also the first in the country that developed underground metro system. This has not been extended to include greater parts of the city. It helps people to reach distant places in almost less than half the time and is quite affordable. Apart from private cabs, there are yellow cabs that are very popular and you can get them anywhere. Autos are available plying between specific routes. For close destinations tourists can also try out the hand drawn rickshaws that are one of the highlights of Kolkata.

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