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Cooch Behar Weather And Best Time To Visit Cooch Behar

Planning A Trip To Cooch Behar? Here's a snapshot of Cooch Behar weather and the best time to visit Cooch Behar

Located on the northern fringes of the state of West Bengal, Cooch Behar is an interesting tourist destination. For all those visiting the hill towns of Bengal, they could include Cooch Behar in their itinerary for unlike the other destination Cooch Behar has more of a historical relevance. A princely state during the rule of the British East Indian Company in India, Cooch Behar was later integrated into the Indian state and now continues to function as a district in Bengal. Its location close to Assam and Bangladesh accounts for its importance. Let us take a brief look at the climate type and weather conditions in Cooch Behar, to determine the best time for a visit.

Summer (March to August)

Summer (March to August):  Cooch Behar Weather And Best Time To Visit Cooch Behar
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Unlike the cities and towns in the plains, Cooch Behar enjoys a comparatively pleasant and comfortable summer. The temperature hovers between 20°C and 32°C which is definitely bearable as compared to the 40°C-44°C temperatures recorded elsewhere in the state. April remains the hottest month. Though the heat isn’t much, humidity however, remains extremely high. The excess humidity in the air which is characteristic of the climatic conditions of West Bengal makes life difficult for the tourists. Moving around can be exhausting. Hence it is recommended to avoid Cooch Behar during summer. Despite onset of monsoon, humidity continues to remain high.

Monsoon (July to October)

Monsoon (July to October):  Cooch Behar Weather And Best Time To Visit Cooch Behar
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Monsoon sets in the month of June-July and brings torrential rainfall and showers in Cooch Behar. Every year there are reports of the mayhem caused by heavy rainfall in the region. The average annual rainfall registered in the district is as high as 3200mm and more than 90% of this is received between April-September. There are some light showers that happen between October and mid-November. The heavy showers make monsoons in Cooch Behar one of the least favourable time for visiting the town. Commuting can become a pain and sightseeing is greatly jeopardized. Monsoon however is the time when Rath Yatra is celebrated with much fervour.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Cooch Behar Weather And Best Time To Visit Cooch Behar
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The post monsoon showers which Cooch Behar receives in the months of October and November mark the onset of winter in the region. Cooch Behar is at its best during the winter months. Humidity is low, skies clear up, there are no rains after November and the slight chill in the air is refreshing and rather enjoyable. Temperature continues to stay in the 10°C and 20°C range which is neither too cold nor hot. It is perfect for exploring the region, for sightseeing and relaxing. The mornings and night remain foggy. A number of festivals are celebrated during this season including Ras Mela.

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