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Loch Ness Weather And Best Time To Visit Loch Ness

Planning A Trip To Loch Ness? Here's a snapshot of Loch Ness weather and the best time to visit Loch Ness

Scotland’s most famous lake, Loch Ness is a part of the Scottish Highlands and extends for 37 km southwest of the town Inverness. The lake is mostly associated with the mythical creature – the Loch Ness monster –  that thousands around the world believe resides within its murky depths. While numerous people over the years have claimed to have caught a glimpse of Nessie, as it is popularly known, the creature remains mostly elusive and hasn’t made an appearance in decades.


However, that hasn’t kept large crowds of tourists from visiting the region each year in search of the legendary monster. Moreover, the breathtaking beauty of the region and the surrounding hills and valleys makes this a place worth visiting for the scenery alone. Read on to know what is the best time to plan a visit to the Loch Ness region, and what the weather in the region fares like.

Summer (June – September)

Summer (June – September):  Loch Ness Weather And Best Time To Visit Loch Ness
Photograph by https://www.planetware.com/

The summer months are the busiest time of the year in the Loch Ness region. The daytime temperatures average around 20⁰C and the weather is warm and sunny – perfect for enjoying the scenic beauty of the area and all the tourist attractions Loch Ness has to offer. During midsummer, the daylight hours can last up to 18 hours; which means the sun is often out until midnight! For those who are not used to such unique weather phenomenon are surely in for a treat. Since it is peak season, accommodation and hotels can be pricey and difficult to find unless booked in advance.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  Loch Ness Weather And Best Time To Visit Loch Ness
Photograph by https://www.thewanderinglens.com/

Spring is a beautiful season to experience in the Loch Ness. The country is known for its frequent bouts of rainfall, however, April and May are the driest months of the year. The entire countryside appears green and vibrant along with lovely mild weather that will prove enjoyable to most travellers. This is especially a good time to visit for travellers who prefer to explore a region with lesser crowds. Tourists crowds are at a minimum during these months and even hotels charge considerably less.

Winter (October – February)

Winter (October – February):  Loch Ness Weather And Best Time To Visit Loch Ness
Photograph by https://www.pinterest.com

The winters in Loch Ness can be cold and also very unpredictable. Snow in the hilly regions can be witnessed as early as October sometimes, alternating with milder weather. As the season progresses, the temperature dips to freezing levels and can get even colder occasionally. The average daylight hours in a day last only about 6 hours. Needless to say, this isn’t the best time to be in the Loch Ness region as most accommodations remain closed and the weather isn’t enjoyable enough to make the most out of the local attractions. The only upside to being here in the winters is being able to photograph the splendid colours of dawn and dusk in the Highlands without needing to be up at ungodly hours.

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