Glencoe Weather And Best Time To Visit Glencoe

Planning A Trip To Glencoe? Here's a snapshot of Glencoe weather and the best time to visit Glencoe

Argued to be the most beautiful valley in Scotland, Glencoe is part of the Lochaber area in the Scottish Highlands. Extremely popular among mountaineers and adventure sports enthusiasts, Glencoe gets most of its visitors during the warmer months of the year. Glencoe Village is the main settlement of the valley and is a great place to enjoy all the local attractions of the region. While the entire valley area looks picture-perfect throughout the year, every season has a distinct characteristic about it that makes visiting Glencoe an exciting adventure irrespective of when you plan a trip. Read on to know more about the different seasons, weather changes and the best time to visit Glencoe.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Glencoe Weather And Best Time To Visit Glencoe
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The summer months in Glencoe are very busy and considered to be the peak tourist season. Unlike summers in tropical countries, this season is mild and very enjoyable to indulge in all the sporting activities that are the highlight of the Glencoe region. Since it is also the time when the local schools close down for summer holidays, the local families also venture out to make the most of the warm and sunny climate. The most unique feature of the Highlands in summer is the number of daylight hours; the sun remains out till around 10 pm or sometimes even more. For those who are not used to such long hours of sunshine, it can be a very discerning yet interesting experience. Be prepared for hotels and other kinds of accommodation to charge very high rates and be packed during this season as well.

Autumn (September – October)

Autumn (September – October):  Glencoe Weather And Best Time To Visit Glencoe
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If you want to enjoy all the great things about Glencoe without being overwhelmed by the touristy crowds, September is the month to visit. Most of the large crowds have left by now, the roads get less busy and the accommodation rates also go down considerably. The colour of the surroundings changes beautifully as autumn progresses and outdoor activities like hiking and cycling become even more exciting.

Winter (November – March)

Winter (November – March):  Glencoe Weather And Best Time To Visit Glencoe
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Winters in Glencoe are quite crisp and cold and usually considered an off-season for tourists. However, this is the time when skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts get to venture out and indulge in their favourite activities. Hotels in the region may offer deals for short winter breaks in Glencoe. Christmas time gets a little crowded as well and the hotel costs may go up a little during this time.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  Glencoe Weather And Best Time To Visit Glencoe
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Another great time to pay a visit to Glencoe, springtime will seem very similar to the autumn season in terms of lesser crowds, emptier streets and cheaper hotels. The colours of springtime are bright and vivacious, and all photographs you take of the lovely scenery will be a great souvenir to take back home. Spring season is also a special treat for those interested in wildlife. Travellers will be able to observe the local animals and the nesting birds in their natural habitat.

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