Glasgow Weather And Best Time To Visit Glasgow

Planning A Trip To Glasgow? Here's a snapshot of Glasgow weather and the best time to visit Glasgow

Glasgow is a well-known city located on River Clyde in Scotland’s West Central Lowlands. Famous for its ever-changing food and drink scene, spectacular architectural marvels, and interesting museums and art galleries, Glasgow is a city worth visiting no matter the time of the year. The city is small and easy to navigate, yet packed with interesting neighbourhoods and shopping districts that will keep you busy for hours on end. The climate of Glasgow is best defined as oceanic, with rain being an important weather feature of Glasgow almost all year long. We’ve compiled our recommendation for the best time to visit Glasgow; almost every month is a good month to do so, just remember to bring an umbrella to tackle the weather!

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Glasgow Weather And Best Time To Visit Glasgow
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June marks the beginning of summer season in Glasgow. Weather-wise, this is the most enjoyable time of the year as the warm and sunny days are perfect for exploring the city’s attractions and while the chances of rain are always there in a city like Glasgow, they are least during the summers. Travellers who are not used to the unique dawn and dusk timings of this part of Europe will be amazed at the number of daylight hours one can enjoy in the summers; the sun often sets as late as 11 pm. The average temperature during this season is around 20⁰C, which can often rise to highs of 30⁰C. Most of the spots frequented by tourists also remain open till late hours during this peak season, along with hiked up rates of most commercial establishments.

Autumn (September – October)

Autumn (September – October):  Glasgow Weather And Best Time To Visit Glasgow
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Autumn may be a good time to visit within the initial few weeks of the season. The weather is quite similar to summers during this time but most of the tourist crowds have left the city, making this a preferable time for travellers seeking some solitary time for sightseeing. The weather is not too cold and the average temperature ranges around 15⁰C, but the chances of precipitation are quite high during this time. It is advisable to carry umbrellas and other rain gear with you if travelling during the autumn.

Winter (November – February)

Winter (November – February):  Glasgow Weather And Best Time To Visit Glasgow
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European winters are cold, and winters in Glasgow are no different. Tourists tend to avoid these months for a planned trip to the city since most tourist attractions are either closed or are no fun in the bitter winters. The average temperature highs only reaches a maximum of 5⁰C and chances of precipitation are quite high, which can often be in the form of snowfall. If you are someone who enjoys a city covered in snow, winters of Glasgow might be a fun time for you. Travellers will also find hotels at really cheap rates during the winter season.

Spring (March – May)

Spring (March – May):  Glasgow Weather And Best Time To Visit Glasgow
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The best way to describe spring in Glasgow is unpredictable. The weather is quite cool during the first half of the season and begins to get warmer around mid-April. It can be very pleasant on most occasions but can also suddenly begin to rain at any time of the day and possibly ruin your outdoor plans. The average temperature is around 8⁰C in April, which increases to an average of 15⁰C by the time May arrives.

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