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Things To Do In Glasgow

Planning A Trip To Glasgow? Here's our list of top things to do in Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is also one of the most frequently visited and culturally versatile cities in the country. Situated on the River Clyde, Glasgow rose from being a small village to a busy seaport, which brought immense economic growth to the city. Today, it is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK and boasts a distinct character and personality. It is widely popular for its thriving shopping districts and a delectable food scene that brings in large crowds of tourists each year. Travellers will find numerous ways to entertain themselves here with the many clubs, cafes and art and music venues that cater to all tastes of visitors. There are just as many museums and galleries in Glasgow to interest the cultured travellers who are more keen on discovering the historical side of the city. Here is a list of our top recommendations with the top things to do in Glasgow.

Sightseeing Bus or Walking Tour

Sightseeing Bus or Walking Tour:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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If you are someone who is visiting Glasgow for the first time, a bus tour or a walking tour is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the city. The City Sightseeing Glasgow Bus Tour runs every ten or twenty from 21 different stops across the city. There’s an on-board commentary on the bus as well that will acquaint you with information about every stop and the numerous tourist highlights of Glasgow. The sightseeing bus tickets often come with discounts on subway tickets and other local attractions. The walking tours have local guides enthralling you with details about the city. Most such tours can be arranged from the tourist agencies in the city, which include private tours and half-day tours as well.

Explore the Glasgow Food Scene

Explore the Glasgow Food Scene:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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Glasgow has often been well-known for its variety of indulgent foods and the wide range of cuisines on offer in the city. The infamous trend of deep-fried chocolate bars started in Glasgow, but the trend now is gradually shifting towards the rising popularity of healthier options in food.


The oldest operating eatery in the city is the 1930s Rogano, which serves brilliant fish and other fresh seafood options. If you want to try authentic Scottish dishes like haggis, black pudding, Cullen skink etc., head to Café Gandolfi or City Merchant. Paesano Pizza is a local favourite among pizza lovers, while Café Cossachock is the first and the only authentic Russian restaurant in the city.


Glasgow is also well-known for its many brews that are often enjoyed with the delicious food here. Tennent’s is the best brand among local beers; the company has its headquarters in Glasgow itself. The Drygate Micro Brewery is also a local craft beet spot worthy of a try. Scottish whisky can be enjoyed in most bars and restaurants.

Listen to Live Music

Listen to Live Music:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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The music scene in Glasgow is just as versatile and interesting as the rest of the city. Music lovers will be able to indulge in live versions of several genres of music, with a number of musicians and bands who perform every day in various venues across the city. Some of the most well-known live music arenas in Glasgow are King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Barrowland Ballroom, The Glad Café, and Oran Mor among many others. The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall is the place to be if you are interested in classical music; the venue also hosts ballets, operas, rock concerts and other events.

Explore Glasgow’s Street Art

Explore Glasgow’s Street Art:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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One of the most fascinating aspects of Glasgow is the amazing street art in the city. There are several large and very interesting street murals that can be seen all over Glasgow, but most of them are concentrated in and around the city centre. A lot of the pieces are a part of the City Centre Mural Trail, which is a fun way to go about exploring the different artworks. One of the most famous ones is that of a man holding a bird, painted by the Australian street artist Sam Bates. The mural is a homage to Saint Mungo and references one of his miracles where he revives a dead robin. The street mural scene continues to change with time as different artworks are added and removed from the walls.

Watch a Movie at the Glasgow Film Theatre

Watch a Movie at the Glasgow Film Theatre:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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It is a widely known fact that Glasgow was once one of Britain’s biggest cinema cities and already had hundreds of film theatres by the end of the 1940s. The Glasgow Film Theatre opened in 1939 and was Scotland’s first arthouse cinema. Movie lovers with varied interests will always find something they’d enjoy watching here; whether it’s the classics, contemporary art house films, foreign-language movies or even independent documentaries. The theatre also becomes home to several film festivals each year, including the annual Glasgow Film Festival, and provides a friendly and comfortable environment to enjoy your film experience.

Explore The West End

Explore The West End:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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The West End is often considered by most to be the most beautiful and fascinating neighbourhood of Glasgow. It has a characteristic identity of its own that combines exquisite architecture with lovely vintage shops, which makes exploring this part of Glasgow one of the most interesting things to do here. There are numerous intimate cafes and fancy restaurants here as well that offer a variety of options in international cuisines, including vegetarian Indian and Asian food.

Tour the Whisky Distilleries of Glasgow

Tour the Whisky Distilleries of Glasgow:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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While there were once more than a 100 whisky distilleries in Glasgow, today there are only two. The Clydeside Distillery was opened in 2017 and the family who owns it has been in the whisky business for almost a century. It is open for tours and tastings where visitors can learn more about the history of whisky in Glasgow, the process of making whisky followed by a tasting session. While the Clydeside Distillery’s own whiskey won’t be ready for another few years, visitors can try other 10-year-old single malt whiskeys. The Glasgow Distillery is the second one in the city that also offers tours but not as frequent. It produces spirits like gin and vodka and has recently introduced its single malt whiskeys.

Tour the City Chambers

Tour the City Chambers:  Things To Do In Glasgow
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Glasgow’s City Chambers is headquarters of the city council and are located in the famous George Square. The large Victorian-era building has served the government since 1889 and is a formidably impressive structure both from the outside as well as the inside. The extravagant chambers have often been used in movies as well to represent the Vatican or the Kremlin. Free guided tours are available at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm on weekdays, where the guides provide detailed information about the history and the purpose of the building while admiring the exquisite marble work, mosaic ceilings and the mahogany wood panelling.

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