Edinburgh Weather And Best Time To Visit Edinburgh

Planning A Trip To Edinburgh? Here's a snapshot of Edinburgh weather and the best time to visit Edinburgh

Scotland is an almost peninsular island, with the sea surrounding it on three sides. It hence sees a pretty cold but oceanic climate. And even though its capital Edinburgh lies on a hilltop in the central region of Scotland, it sees a similar climate. The best time to visit Edinburgh is summer, however spring is a great shoulder season too. Winter weather is a complete chaos of cold and snow, although the twinkling lights of Victoria street and the Christmas Markets of Princess street make it a good bet in Edinburgh.

Spring (April to May)

Spring (April to May):  Edinburgh Weather And Best Time To Visit Edinburgh
Photograph by https://theglitterball.wordpress.com

Spring temperatures in Edinburgh start with a low of 2°C in April and progress to a nice warm 17°C by the end of May. Some random rain showers may disrupt good sunshine-filled days but the ice is mostly gone by May. This is a good time to visit Edinburgh as it is a prelude to the massive high season of summer.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Edinburgh Weather And Best Time To Visit Edinburgh
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The months from June to August mark a busy time in Edinburgh’s tourist calendar. The temperatures hover between lows of 9°C and reach highs of 25. The days are long and clear and sunny for the most part, except some gloomy ones. Summer festivals and Village Games organised during this time are also great draws for the crowd. All in all, this is a great season for a holiday of sightseeing and shopping in Edinburgh.

Autumn (September to October)

Autumn (September to October):  Edinburgh Weather And Best Time To Visit Edinburgh
Photograph by https://www.visitscotland.com

Edinburgh is a beautiful city in itself, then imagine what stunning views it would be presenting when draped in the fiery golden leaves of autumn? The season shows you a burst of sunshine one hour and a bitter storm the next, and still some travellers and backpackers may enjoy it as it shows the true nature of Scotland and also makes everything less expensive. The days are shorter, events far and scant, tourists thinned. A good time if you can manage the hot and cold weather (9-20°C).

Winter (November to March)

Winter (November to March):  Edinburgh Weather And Best Time To Visit Edinburgh
Photograph by https://www.dickins.co.uk

Edinburgh experiences one of the longest winters in this part of Europe, with November being the beginning and March being the end. It is cold, wet, snowy, windy and extremely bitter. The gloom is almost palpable in the air, days are extremely short and sun hardly visible over the clouds. But some days may seem sunnier and happier. If you want to experience winter in Edinburgh then visit during the Christmas month of December and enjoy the night markets and Hogmanay festivals that spill out of every household, shop and establishment in the city.

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