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Kalpa Weather And Best Time To Visit Kalpa

Planning A Trip To Kalpa? Here's a snapshot of Kalpa weather and the best time to visit Kalpa

Situated in the foot of the Himalayas with the Kinnaur Kailash Mountains in the background is a beautiful and absolutely quaint town known as Kalpa. Tourists come to visit can see the beautiful Sutlej River flowing down from the tall mountains on to the path it carved out on the surface of Kalpa. The weather in Kalpa is amazing throughout the year, although winters could be a bit harsh. The summer season is the best time to visit Kalpa due to its pleasant and dry climate. Monsoons see a heavy amount of rainfall, making the place even more beautiful that it already is and the winters are freezing with temperature dropping down drastically.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Kalpa Weather And Best Time To Visit Kalpa
Photograph by aldf.iitmandi.ac.in/

The charm of spending summers in Kalpa is completely something else! The months from April to June are some of the best months to visit this scenic little town, with landscapes having vibrant colours, making the place so very pristine. As the snow begins to melt, the flowers in the region start to bloom, unleashing the natural charisma of the place. With temperatures rising up to an average high of 25°C during the day to low of 10°C in the night, the summer season in Kalpa is the perfect season for travelers to enjoy adventure sports, go sightseeing, shop for souvenirs and enjoy walks in nature. The beauty of Kalpa in this season is majestic, attracting many from different parts of the country.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Kalpa Weather And Best Time To Visit Kalpa
Photograph by nomadicweekends.com

There is heavy rainfall during the months of July, all the way until September, but they are quite unpredictable at the same time. Temperatures in the region during the monsoon season rise up to a an average of 20°C in the day to 8°C-10°C in the night with cold winds. Although due to the slippery land the weather does not permit you to go sightseeing and do different activities outside, this is a great time to go to Kalpa if you simply want to sit back and relax. The view of tall mountains hidden in the midst of fog and the lush green meadows that is brought in by the rain is a sight worth seeing.

Winter (October-March)

Winter (October-March):  Kalpa Weather And Best Time To Visit Kalpa
Photograph by ghumighumi.com

The winter season in Kalpa is very harsh as the region sees a huge amount of snowfall. Temperatures during the winter months from October to March see temperatures rising only up to an average of 15°C and lowering drastically to -10°C to -12°C. This extreme temperature makes it a little dangerous for people travelling to Kalpa in this season, due to slippery roads. But, the view during this season is exquisite! With snow clad mountains, icy lakes and the serene atmosphere that is created due to the snow, the winter season has its own charm which is worth enjoying.

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