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Spiti Weather And Best Time To Visit Spiti

Planning A Trip To Spiti? Here's a snapshot of Spiti weather and the best time to visit Spiti

Interestingly the word Spiti literally translates to ‘The Middle Land’. The cold weather and the breathtaking views of the ranges extending from one end to the other, make the valley a spectacular destination. The defying trek trails, frozen lakes, monasteries spread across the vastness, appeal not only the adventure seekers but also nature lovers. The weather in Spiti is great though spring and summer, while winters render it inaccessible. Here is a quick read that tells you the best time to visit Spiti.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Spiti Weather And Best Time To Visit Spiti
Photograph by indiauntravelled.blogspot.com

The months from March to June are considered to be ideal to visit the valley. The temperature is moderate and the maximum temperature is around 15 degree Celsius. This simply means you can explore a range of outdoor activities including trekking, camping, mountain biking and hiking. A visit to the Dhankar monastery, Trilokinath temple, Pin valley national park or even the Chandralal Lake will give you the glimpses of stunning views and fill your senses with a feeling of freshness that is everlasting.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Spiti Weather And Best Time To Visit Spiti
Photograph by www.india.com/news-travel

The season kickstarts in July and goes on until late September. This is probably the time when you can skip the idea of visiting the place. The heavy rains that come with the risk of landslides and bad roads make it impossible to relish the otherwise splendid beauty of the valley. The temperatures vary anywhere between 13 - 25 degree Celsius. 

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Spiti Weather And Best Time To Visit Spiti
Photograph by travelshoebum.com

Even though the weather is defying in this season, it has something unique to quench the adrenaline. It is the Snow leopard expedition. The weather seems like a call to the big cat family and they roam around fearlessly through the valley. The feline steps out in this time in search of food and water and promises you a spectacular view if you are lucky to spot one. You can also take the chance to encounter Bharal (blue sheep), and the Himalayan Wolf. But reaching the valley is a tough task as the roads are inhospitable in this rough weather. February onwards you can visit the place when the temperatures are anywhere between -4 to 20 degree Celsius.

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