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Bhaktapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhaktapur

Planning A Trip To Bhaktapur? Here's a snapshot of Bhaktapur weather and the best time to visit Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is a medieval city that is part of the Kathmandu Valley in south-central Nepal. While it may be close to Kathmandu in location, its cultural heritage is a world away from the commercial way of life seen in the capital. The versatile city is known by a number of names locally; ‘Nepal’s Cultural Gem’, ‘Living Heritage’, ‘City of Devotees’ among so many others. Each name imparts an added insight into the true nature of ancient Bhaktapur, and the more you learn about the city, the more it pulls you in.


With its beautiful courtyards and monuments spread all over the city, visiting Bhaktapur at any time of the year can be an experience worth cherishing, but some months fare better than others. Read on to know more about the weather of Bhaktapur and the best time to take a trip to Bhaktapur.

Autumn (October-November)

Autumn (October-November):  Bhaktapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhaktapur
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The retreat of monsoon welcomes the best season to visit Bhaktapur; an overall ideal weather that witnesses cool and crisp temperatures, with clear, pristine skies that provide flawless views all around the city. Needless to say, since this is peak season for tourists, expect peak season rates are to be applied at all famous locales frequented by travellers.


Apart from being a great weather for sightseeing, autumn is also rice harvest season in Bhaktapur and visitors can witness locals taking part in sifting of rice all over the city.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Bhaktapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhaktapur
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Winters in Bhaktapur are not as severe as in the hilly areas of the country; nonetheless, the temperatures at night time can get chilly and sometimes dip to the single digits. Because of high humidity, the mornings remain hazy as well, but the afternoons are clear and pleasant enough to enjoy all outdoor activities.

Spring (March-April)

Spring (March-April):  Bhaktapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhaktapur
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Spring comes in second place after autumn for the best time to come down to Bhaktapur. The winter cold is just on the verge of receding and the weather takes on a warmer, chirpier tone with flowers in bloom, and an all round pleasing experience of venturing out among the architectural wonders and enjoying their amazing spectacle.

Summer (May-September)

Summer (May-September):  Bhaktapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Bhaktapur
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May is the hottest month of the season, and while it may not get as hot as Kathmandu, it is still not an enjoyable weather to spend outdoors. Junes arrives with the beginning of pre-monsoon showers, which provides a lot of relief and helps bring down the heat, but the humidity reaches peak levels and the rain tends to clog and muddy up the streets. Hence this is not the best time to enjoy a holiday here.

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