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Lumbini Weather And Best Time To Visit Lumbini

Planning A Trip To Lumbini? Here's a snapshot of Lumbini weather and the best time to visit Lumbini

We all associate Nepal with being the birthplace of Buddhism, and the town of Lumbini located in the Rupandehi district of Nepal happens to be the birthplace of Gautam Buddha himself. Enlisted as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Lumbini serves as a pilgrimage site for thousands of Buddhists from around the world. For the followers of Buddha and his principles, visiting Lumbini at any time of the year will prove to be a rewarding experience. But for travelers who visit to explore the roots of the religion and rummage through its historical landmarks, it sometimes becomes essential that they get to do so with the help of an enjoyable climatic experience.


Located in the southern plains of Nepal, Lumbini mostly witnesses tropical weather and somewhat extreme temperatures in both summers and winters. But what cannot be ignored is the number of fascinating festivals you will encounter irrespective of the month you decide to visit in. Here is a thorough commentary on the best time to visit Lumbini.

Autumn (October-November)

Autumn (October-November):  Lumbini Weather And Best Time To Visit Lumbini
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Autumn is the best season to visit Lumbini and explore its landmarks and architecture. As the monsoons retreat, they leave behind a weather that is just beginning to cool down after the scorching conditions, and the skies and atmosphere clear up providing ample opportunities for sunrise and sunset views. Temperatures range between comfortable degrees of 12ᴼC-28ᴼC.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Lumbini Weather And Best Time To Visit Lumbini
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Winters rarely qualify as a good time to be in Lumbini. The city remains too cold and the temperature can sometimes get as low as 2ᴼC that restricts an enjoyable sightseeing experience. The humidity remains high even in winters, which leads to a lot of foggy mornings that hinder views and movement. A series of cold waves sweep over the region during the months of January and February that are believed to be the frostiest months in the area.  

Summer (March/April-September)

Summer (March/April-September):  Lumbini Weather And Best Time To Visit Lumbini
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After autumn, the second best time to visit Lumbini is in the month of March and early April. While not entirely a definitive part of summer, it is the closest to what can qualify as spring season in Lumbini. The temperatures start getting warmer after the bitter winters, and the fog dissipates to reward you with a bright and vibrant atmosphere perfect for venturing out to explore. The grand festival of Buddha Purnima is also celebrated in the months of April/May, which witness throngs of devotees and tourists who travel from far and wide to celebrate the birth of Buddha in his homeland.


From late April and May onwards, the temperatures start to rise rapidly and can reach levels of up to 40ᴼC. The monsoon showers begin in mid- to late June, and can last all the way till September. While the rains bring some relief from the sweltering temperature, the humidity levels generally remain too high to enjoy much of any outdoor strolls or sightseeing.

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