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Patan Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan

Planning A Trip To Patan? Here's a snapshot of Patan weather and the best time to visit Patan

Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan is an ancient city located in Nepal, separated from Kathmandu by river Bagmati. Colloquially also termed the ‘City of Arts and Crafts’, Patan consists of alleys and streets packed with traditional artisans and architecture. After experiencing the majesty of the mountainside and the madness of Kathmandu, Patan showcases a different side to Nepal that will come across like a breath of fresh air.


Because of varied topography, different regions in Nepal experience different climates. Patan lies within the Kathmandu Valley and falls predominantly under the tropical temperate zone. Being one of the top tourist spots in Nepal makes Patan a city constantly in demand. Read on to know more about the best time to visit this historical city of Patan and the weather most suited for you.

Autumn (October-November)

Autumn (October-November):  Patan Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan
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Also known as the rice harvest season, autumn is considered peak season to visit Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan. With monsoon showers that are just wrapping up, the skies begin to clear up with stunning views all around and temperatures ranging from 10ᴼC-25ᴼC. The weather remains cool and crisp, and is the perfect time to spend your days out strolling among the temples and markets. Festivals form an important part of Nepal’s heritage; the major festivals seen in autumn are Dashain in October and Tihar in November, which prove to be a thoroughly enjoyable time for tourists to be in Patan.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Patan Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan
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Being a part of the Kathmandu Valley region, winter weather in Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan is not as extreme as in the mountainous areas. The temperatures range from 10ᴼC-20ᴼC, with afternoons that are pleasant and warm and nights that progressively get colder till the start of February. Snowfall is a rare sight and mornings can be particularly frosty. During the day, it is a good time to take part in outdoor activities like sightseeing and shopping, or cycling around town by yourself or with your companions.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  Patan Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan
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Also a peak season to visit Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan, springtime sees lovely flowers in bloom all around the plains; especially the rhododendrons. A visit to the Godavari Botanical Garden in this season is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Apart from the immensely enjoyable weather, spring is an amazing time to visit Patan to get a chance to experience the colorful festival of Holi in March and the Nepali New Year in April.

Summer (June-September)

Summer (June-September):  Patan Weather And Best Time To Visit Patan
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Most of the visitors coming down to Gujarat-tourism-and-travel-guide" class="destination_link" target="_blank">Patan do so to enjoy the sightseeing opportunities and shop in the bargain markets. With temperatures reaching sweltering levels in May, and the monsoons that last almost all summer, these months are not much fun for a trip to the city. The roads tend to get muddy and the streets can get clogged, making it an unpleasant experience to venture outdoors. Summer also marks the farming season and is characterised by paddy plantation.  

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