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Pokhara Weather And Best Time To Visit Pokhara

Planning A Trip To Pokhara? Here's a snapshot of Pokhara weather and the best time to visit Pokhara

The second largest city, and one of the most popular destinations in Nepal, Pokhara can easily be christened the tourism hub of this Asian state. Pokhara plainly translates to City of Lakes, and you will absolutely find an ample number of these water bodies in the city, in addition to adjoining vistas of towering peaks that make up the Annapurna range.


This ‘City of Lakes, Caves and Mountains’ is also the region that witnesses the highest amount of annual rainfall in the country. While it generally enjoys a sub-tropical climate, the temperatures remain moderate due its comparatively lower altitude, making it an almost perfect vacation spot for nature lovers and adventure fanatics alike. Here’s an update on the weather status and best time to visit Pokhara.

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn (September-November):  Pokhara Weather And Best Time To Visit Pokhara
Photograph by https://www.friendsadventure.com/

These are the best months to visit Pokhara if you are looking to undertake different kinds of sporting interests, especially paragliding and microflights, which require clear skies and minimal to no precipitation. Trekking is fun with temperatures that remain cool and comfortable, with a slight nip in the air that can be felt at night-times.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Pokhara Weather And Best Time To Visit Pokhara
Photograph by http://www.traveller.com.au/

Winters in Pokhara generally remain very cold but are pleasant enough to explore activities like hiking, camping and cycling through the city. Temperatures can dip to lows of 5ᴼC. These low precipitation months also signify optimum conditions for paragliding and ultralight flights, but only if you have no qualms with braving the chilly weather in the early hours of morning, which is the usual time for these activities to begin.

Spring (March-April)

Spring (March-April):  Pokhara Weather And Best Time To Visit Pokhara
Photograph by https://thehimalayantimes.com/

Springtime in Pokhara is less of a season and more of a transition period between the relative extremes of winter and summer. It is also one of the busiest tourist seasons with warm temperatures and occasional rainfall. Temperatures range from highs of 24ᴼC to lows of 12ᴼC. These months are the best time to observe sunrises from Sarangkot, city panoramas from the World Peace Pagoda and mighty mountains from all across the city landscapes.

Summer (May-August)

Summer (May-August):  Pokhara Weather And Best Time To Visit Pokhara
Photograph by https://thegreatambini.co.uk/

While the mercury doesn’t rise too high in summer months, the humidity can reach uncomfortable levels in the month of May, followed by heavy downpours in the subsequent months all the way till August. August is usually the most humid month as well, with May often being the windiest.


Since Pokhara sees higher precipitation than other regions of Nepal, it can be a limiting season for people who would like to visit solely for the purpose of outdoor activities and experiences. However, if you’re fond of rain, feel free to pay a visit in these months to enjoy the monsoons at their peak. The best part about coming down here at this time of the year is the great bargain offered with accommodation options.

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