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Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti

Planning A Trip To Shravasti? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Shravasti

An important town in the ancient times in India is Shravasti, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh and closely related to the life of Gautam Buddha. This town was and is of much significance to the religion of Buddhism and Jainism. The city is now a collection of ruins and ancient structures, later on this city was known as Sahet and Mahet; Sahet is the spot where Jetvahana Vihar and other Buddhist monasteries and stupas are established and Mahet is the proper city where there are human settlements still and a lot more. Being such a historical place, there are numerous tourist places to visit in Shravasti, let’s have a look at some of them.

Vibhu Bath Temple

Vibhu Bath Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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If you want to have a religious start to your trip in Shravasti, start with the Vibhu Nath Temple in the city. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is one of the most sacred Hindu shrines in the region. You can find traces of the temples history in the Mahabharata and Ramayan as well, which makes the temples highly revered and visited by many every year. It is believed that the temple was first founded by the Pandavas and thousands of people flock to the temple every year to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. The most auspicious time to visit this temple is during the Saavan months.

Kachchi Kuti

Kachchi Kuti:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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Located in Mahet is a mound or a structure known as Kachchi Kuti; this is a structure whose ruins dates back to bygone eras from the 2nd Century AD to 12th Century AD. This structure is one of the two mounds in Mahet, the other one being Pakki Kuti. It is originally a sculpture of Bodhisatva that was excavated. The name of the structure Kachchi Kuti was given after a brick temple that used to be situated on top of this structure. Some people say that Kachchi Kuti is considered to be a Brahmanical Temple and others say that it is associated to Sudatta’s Stupa. The best time to visit the place is during winters.

Pakki Kuti

Pakki Kuti:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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Kachchi Kuti was one of the mounds in Mahet and the other one is Pakki Kuti, which is also the biggest mound in the region. This huge mound is believed to be part of the ruins of the Hall of Law, which was erected by Kind Prasenjit in order to commemorate Lord Buddha. This is a must visit structure in Shravasti and it ios said that it has gone through various renovations. The Pakki Kutti is an example of construction and architecture work of different kingdoms and rulers and is absolutely notable. Visit the Pakki Kuti if you are interested in gathering historical knowledge about the region.

Suhaildev Wildlife Sanctuary

Suhaildev Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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Uttar Pradesh is a state that is rich in marshy wetlands and has vast expanse of forest land which is the natural habitat for many creatures living in the region. Located close to the city of Shravasti is the Suhaildev Willife Sanctuary, spreading across 452 sq km of land. The sanctuary is sprad across the district of Shravasti as well as Balrampur and was finally established in the year 1988. The area that the sanctuary is set in used to be Balrampur Estate and belonged to Maharaja Balrampur back in the day, but today, the entire are is a state owned area and is dedicated to keeping wildlife of that are intact and in their natural habitats. You can see a number of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects as well as plants and flowers in this sanctuary. This is a great way to know more about the region and the creatures living in it.

Shobnath Temple

Shobnath Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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If you have come to see some of the Jain religious places in Shravasti, Sobnath Temple is a must visit. This temple is located at the entrance of Mahet is believed to be the place where Lord Shambhavnath, the third Jain Thrithankara was born. From the time the temple was incepted, it has gone through various changes and renovations. The main feature of this temple is the dome shaped roof that the structure has which is made up of Lakhuri bricks. The inside of the temple is dotted with many images of deities and it also houses sculptures and idols of Jain Teerthankaras in different postures.

Anathapindika Stupa

Anathapindika Stupa:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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The Ananthapindika Stupa is one of the main attractions of Shravasti as it is of utmost importance to the religion of Buddhism. It is the place where Lord Buddha spent 24 monsoons in the city of Shravasti and is considered very holy. Although the structure stood tall in its prime, it is now dilapidated and you can only see a flight of stairs leading up to the stupa, which does not even exist fully, but by the size that it occupies, you can tell that this used to be a huge structure and the architecture of the structure says a lot about the way traditional stupas were made back in the day. This is a must visit attraction in Shravasti.

Jetavana Monastery

Jetavana Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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One of the most famous monasteries in India is the Jetvana Monastery located in Sahet in the city of Shravasti. This monastery was donated to Lord Buddha after the Veluvana Monastery in Rajgir.This was the place where Lord Buddha delivered sermons, discources and teachings to his disciples for the very first time in his lifetime. The surroundings of the monastery are peaceful and are surrounded by a thick cover of trees and also a mango grove on the outskirts. Don’t miss this beautiful attraction while you go sightseeing in Shravasti.


Balrampur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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Once in Shravasti, make sure you travel to neighbouring locations to understand the culture of the region. One such place close to the city of Shravasti is Balrampur, located a few kilometers from the city. This town is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and is a religious site for Buddhists and Jains as well. In this town you can see various Buddhist monuments and relics that will mesmerize you. There are many Hindu temples in Balrampur as well. This town is also known for its sugar mills and is worth a visit if you are in Shravasti.


Payagpur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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Once termed as the Indian princely state, Payagpur is one of the most famous historical locations in Shravasti. Once there, you can see remains of beautiful palaces, monuments and buildings in the region that used to once stand tall. You can find the famous Sita Dwar Mandir in Payagpur as well. The architecture of these structures show us its significance in its prime days and the city’s days of glory. The town is also famous for Tasveer Mahal, a tourist attraction, which once marked the region for the great Aligarh University.


Khargupur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shravasti
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Located a few kilometers from Shravasti city is Khargupur in Gonda District in Uttar Pradesh. One of the most famous attractions in Khargupur is the Prithvinath Temple which is said to have been established by Bhim while the Pandavas were on exile. It is said that the world’s largest Shiv Ling has been established here in this temple. The architecture of the temple is absolutely amazing and one cannot believe that this kind of a temple was built so many years ago without modern equipments. This is a great place to visit if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva.

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