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Things To Do In Shravasti

Planning A Trip To Shravasti? Here's our list of top things to do in Shravasti

Shravasti is a city in Uttar Pradesh having utmost importance in the Buddhist religion; this is because this was the place where Lord Buddha spent some of his life. This was also the place where numerous stupas and monasteries were built in order for Lord Buddha to precede with his discourse for his disciples. Now, these structures have dilapidated, but are still a sight to see. Other than seeing some of the most popular attractions in the area, there are other things to do in Shravasti as well. You can learn more about the region by going to neighbouring villages or simply spend your days meditating and feeling peaceful at a meditation center. Let’s have a look at some of the other things you can do in this religious city.

Visit Shri Digameber Jain Shravasti Teerth Kshetra

Visit Shri Digameber Jain Shravasti Teerth Kshetra:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Complete your pilgrimage in Shravasti by visiting Shri Digameber Jain Shravasti Teerth Kshetra. This is one of the most revered and respected shrines in the city and you must not miss it. This temple is situated on the main road and it is also dedicated to Lord Shambhavnath. Once you go inside the temple, you can see the presiding deity that is constructed in white marble in Padmasana position. Emperor Ashoka built a lot of stupas and monasteries close to this temple as well that you can have a look at. Visit this temple to get a feel of the ancient times.

Enjoy Shravasti Mahotsav

Enjoy Shravasti Mahotsav:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Shravasti is a city of religious beliefs and monuments, but it also has a festival that has major cultural events known as the Shravasti Mahotsav. This cultural event is held for three to five days at a location right beside the Chinese temple in the vicinity. Enjoy a show organized by the locals showcasing different talents along with various school and college going children performing dances, singing songs, doing drama performances and so much more. This festival is celebrated in the month of January and February and you must visit if you want to have some entertainment while you on your trip.

Visit Lord Buddha’s Hut

Visit Lord Buddha’s Hut:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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At the Jetavana Monastery, the Gandhakuti Monument is a famous attraction. It is the place where Buddha resided in Jetavana, this was his home for 24 years. According to descriptions given by people who have visited the place earlier in the era, the vihara or the hut has seven vertical sections which were destroyed due to fire being caught. Later on it was renovated and two sections were made this time which consisted of many thupas that has Lord Buddha’s name inscribed on them. Visit this monument to know how Lord Buddha lived in his days in Sharavasti.

Learn About Angulimala's Stupa

Learn About Angulimala's Stupa:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Shravasti is full of religious sites, stupas, ancient monuments and a lot of stories that relate to life in the bygone eras. Once such story related to the famous Angulimala Stupa is related to Angulimala, a ruthless and notorious dacoit in Shravasti. His name was derived from Anguli meaning finger and Mala meaning necklace and it is said that he would cut off the fingers of his victim and wear them like a necklace around his neck. He tried to do the same with Lord Buddha, but through his peaceful teachings, he changed the mind of Angulimala and turned him into a disciple. This stupa was built by Angulimala itself who built it in order to pay respect to Lord Buddha.

Visit the Place of Miracles

Visit the Place of Miracles:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Back in the era of Lord Buddha, there was something called the twin miracle or the miracle of Shravasti that marked the influence of Lord Buddha on all of his disciples. A lot of people in the region did not understand his teachings and were jealous which led to teachers and leaders of six main philosophical schools in India challenging Lord Buddha to show his miraculous powers. After a lot of unrest, Lord Buddha finally decided to show his powers in Jetavana Stupa at a place called miracle stupa. This is where he performed miracles and showed his power to the leaders of the school and eventually gained their confidence along with many followers.

Stay at Shri Shwetambar Jain Mandir

Stay at Shri Shwetambar Jain Mandir:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Situated on Balrampur road is a significant and important Jain pilgrimage center, the Shri Shwetambar Jain Mandir. Inside the temple you will see an idol of Shri Sanbhavnath, one of the Jain Teerthankara who is seated in a Lotus position in white marble. The Mandir has lodging facilities for devotees who want to stay a few days and understand and explore the area, learn more about Buddhism. There is a also a bhojanshala where you can eat simple food and a meditation center where you can spend most of your time meditating and attaining peace.

Explore the Ruins in Orajhar

Explore the Ruins in Orajhar:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Orajhar is a Buddhist site where a lot of Buddhist monks lived with their religious vows and lived in a monastic way. Orajhar is situated on a hill that has no trails with unpaved paths and the surroundings are full of overgrown bushes and grassland that goes all the way up to the hill. After an excavation, there were many coins, rock crystals, bones and gold leaves found at this spot. There is a vihar on top of the mounds that you can see and this is one of the places where Buddha performed his miracles, hence Orajhar is a place of great religious significance.

Attain Peace at a Meditation Center

Attain Peace at a Meditation Center:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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Meditation is something you must indulge in on your trip to Shravasti. The Vipassana Meditation Center in Shravasti Uttar Pradesh is one of the famous ones in the region that people flock to; it is said that this is the place where Lord Buddha spent most of his days meditating while he resided in the city. As the general public you can go to this meditation center to join various meditation courses offered by the monks who take care of the place. You can opt to attent a long or a short course depending on the amount of time you have and what is the end result you are looking for. This is a great place for someone who wants to detoxify their soul and cleanse it to live life harmoniously.

Hear the World Peace Bell

Hear the World Peace Bell:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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The World Peace Bell in Shravasti was established by the help of the Japanese people who were devotees of Lord Buddha; it is situated at the Burmese Temple and can be seen from the Jetavana Stupa. There are inscriptions on the bell that convey philosophical and humanitarian messages to the people who read it. The bell is huge in size and many people visit the Burmese temple in order to see and worship the bell. The serene and peaceful feeling one gets with the ring of bell is absolutely unmatchable and an experience to remember.

Anandha Bodhi Tree

Anandha Bodhi Tree:  Things To Do In Shravasti
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The Anandha Bodhi Tree is a very famous one in Shravasti as it is believed to be the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. This is a Bodhi tree that was planted by Anasthapitaka to commemorate and respect Lord Buddha. It was planted right in front of Jetavana Stupa and made a great place to sit and meditate. This tree was originally a cutting of a Bodhi tree that was brought from Sri Lanka all the way to Shravasti s a sapling. Once this sapling grew, it became into a full fledged tree under which Lord Buddha sat and meditated with peace and a serene atmosphere.

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