Ross Island
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Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island

Planning A Trip To Ross Island? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Ross Island

Ross Island forms one of the precious jewels in the gorgeous crown of Andaman And Nicobar Islands. Engulfed by twirling creepers, thick forests and towering palm trees, this small island once formed an influential centre of authority during the colonial era. The island was an emblem of the tyrant and lavish lifestyle that the British regime practiced during those days. Today, the island is home to an invigorating natural charm.


Along with splendid ruins of government houses and churches from yesteryears, Ross Island also boasts of a resplendent beach. In addition, there are waterparks that help tourists indulge in water sports, while some fine museums display intricate relics from the bygone era. Let us dive in and have a look at some of these amazing tourist places to visit in Ross Island.

Ancient Presbyterian Church

Ancient Presbyterian Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island
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The Presbyterian Church of yore is one of the significant remnants of the British colonial rule over Ross Island. The Presbyterian Church towers above every structure on Ross Island, sheathed in rootstocks of trees. Constructed out of stone, this church comprises of windows that were fabricated from durable teak from Burma. The Presbyterian Church provides visitors with a magnificent view of the surroundings. The fact that the ruins of the Presbyterian Church were able to stand the test of time and nature’s wrath is truly commendable. It has not only survived the onslaught of a merciless earthquake that hit Ross Island in 1941, but also pulled through a violent incursion by the Japanese during World War II. 

The Majestic Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow

The Majestic Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island
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Adorning the northern ridge of Ross Island, the Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow is an impressive structural phenomenon of the colonial times. With a savage earthquake and a barrage of invasions plaguing the island, this bungalow has still maintained its alluring grandeur even in its ruins. This bungalow once boasted of precious Italian slabs that graced its splendid flooring. Carved out of wood, the striking triangular roof of the bungalow amazes tourists till date. The Chief Commissioner’s Bungalow once comprised of a lavish ballroom, splendid bedrooms, huge dining rooms and many drawing rooms. The outer area of the bungalow was graced by a stunning pathway and beautiful amalta gardens. These remarkable features of the bungalow attract a plethora of tourists who visit Ross Island.

The Garden of Remembrance on Ross Island

The Garden of Remembrance on Ross Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island
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The best possible source of historical data is rendered by the burial grounds that was used by the British regime during their reign. The details engraved upon each gravestone impart an understanding of the British folk that lived on Ross Island prior to India’s independence. This cemetery can help historians bring back historic times and relive them by going through the inscriptions carved on each headstone.

Ferar Beach

Ferar Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island
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The pristine waters of Ferar Beach are adorned by a background consisting of magnificent hillocks. Although visitors are not allowed to swim in these waters, the sheer beauty of the beach is enough to lure in tourists. The bluish skies smeared with white speckles perfectly bind with the immaculate sea waters. The best time to view this colorful showcase is in the presence of radiant sunlight. Ferar Beach is studded with globular stones, rocks and smooth sands. The towering coconut trees that flank these shores provide ample shade under their welcoming branches. A set of stairs made out of stone lead up to the beach. Visitors are free to relax under the trees or tan in the sunlight. They can either venture out in search of seashells or corals or bask in the rejuvenating environment created around the beach.

Remnants of the Club Houses

Remnants of the Club Houses:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island
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The British army officials had constructed three imperial club houses to satisfy their whims and fancies when they were off duty. A settlement club was created solely for the higher-ranked army personnel. This club house was nestled amidst one of the most scenic spots of the island. A subordinate club was created for the lower-ranked army personnel from the British regime. This club house comprised of a marvellous dance floor carved out of wood and famous Italian tiles. The temple club was created as a residence for the Indian army personnel, forming the last of the trio of club houses. These majestic structures allow tourists to visit the colonial past with ease.

Officer’s Quarters

Officer’s Quarters:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ross Island
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Tourists will discover small structures of residences all over Ross Island that were used by the British officers during the colonial era. Knobby tree roots have engulfed the walls of these homes that once had army personnel dwell within them. The intriguing part of a trip to these colonial houses is that you are free to venture within their confines to learn more about the lifestyle followed in those days. Some of the officer’s quarters have broad apertures that offer a scenic picture of the sea. There are stairways in some houses that lead up to higher stories and are being held together by the powerful tree roots. A stroll through these houses of yore provides tourists with fascinating and intuitive findings.

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