Baratang Island
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Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island

Planning A Trip To Baratang Island? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Baratang Island

Baratang Island spreads across the space separating the southern and central section of Andaman. This island showcases nature’s unexplored grandeur with a varied assortment of natural phenomena. With rare geological marvels and exquisite limestone caves scattered over its territory, the island is set to amaze tourists beyond the unthinkable. In addition to these miracles of nature, Baratang Island also boasts of some resplendent beaches and splendid mangrove forests. These places act as some of the top tourist spots on Baratang Island, and are visited on a frequent basis.


These relatively untouched features of Baratang Island are slowly gaining popularity among the nature enthusiasts and photographers. It is an excellent opportunity for them to witness nature’s beauty from close quarters and also get some breathtaking pictures to take back home with them. Let us dive in and explore some of these captivating tourist spots to visit here.

Lalaji Bay Beach

Lalaji Bay Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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Lalaji Bay Beach boasts of a prolonged span of smooth silvery sands. These velvety sands are beautifully complemented by greenish-blue sea waters that soak in sunshine. The waters of the beach are blessed with colorful aquatic life that can amaze tourists. In addition to these traits, Lalaji Bay Beach is embellished by towering coconut trees and other vegetation.


Adventure enthusiasts will enjoy themselves on this beach, as it holds fascinating snorkelling and swimming prospects for them. This untouched beach remains bereft of modern day pollution, offering tourists with just peaceful waters and clean air. Tourists can also embark on a rejuvenating two-hour trekking journey to the beach. 

Wondrous Parrot Island

Wondrous Parrot Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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Parrot Island is a plumb island located in Baratang, engulfed by the exuberant greenery of dense mangroves and other trees. This tiny island offers tourists with an intriguing venture that involves bird-watching prospects. Along with bird watching, visitors can also travel along the island’s coasts on a boat cruise, admiring the mangrove-embellished coastline. Parrot Island offers surreal vistas for those tourists who visit during sunsets and sunrises. Parrot Island experiences hundreds of parrots thronging its terrain at the time of dusk to settle down. This has granted it its name. It is truly breathtaking to watch thousands of these cheerful birds arrive back home at the time of sunset. 

Baludera Beach

Baludera Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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Baludera Beach adorns the eastern rims of Baratang Island. Set about 9 km away from the Nilambur Jetty, this tranquil beach is concealed from outer disturbance of tourist crowds, leaving its shores calm and refreshing. The beach comprises of a beautiful arching sand cove, which is interlaced by stunning mangroves at one end and slain old trees at the other end. The rejuvenating sands of Baludera Beach offer tourists with relaxing prospects. Tourists can also have fun along the beach area by embarking on a ride atop mighty elephants. Keeping themselves well-equipped with a storage of snacks, visitors are sure to spend a delightful day amidst the shores of Baludera Beach.

Spike Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Spike Island Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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Moving from Baratang Island towards the north-western part of the Bay of Bengal, tourists are bound to stumble upon a gorgeous isle that goes by the name Spike Island. This island boasts of a wonderful reserve of wildlife and lush green flora named Spike Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Spanning across 211 km, this sanctuary offers visitors with intriguing prospects when it comes to discovering wild animals and exotic plant species. The list of splendid animals that grace the sanctuary include spotted deer, wild pigs of Andaman, and several squirrels.

Merk Bay Beach

Merk Bay Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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The alluring Merk Bay Beach is nestled on North Passage Island, one of the most secluded islands of Andaman. Situated within close proximity to Baratang Island, this island remains untouched and unblemished by the outside world, enhancing its pristine aura. The beach is set against the backdrop of smooth sands and impressive vegetation that surround the area. With waters that glow in bright daylight, this beach offers tourists with splendid opportunities to relax amidst refreshing sands. Tourists are also free to indulge in some not-so-harmful tanning in the sunlight. 

Cuthbert Bay Beach

Cuthbert Bay Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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Not that popular as the other beaches in the vicinity, the serene Cuthbert Bay Beach does pack a gorgeous punch though. This beach presents tourists with some fascinating sceneries and allows them to refresh themselves amidst its calm and composed shores. There are certain areas of Cuthbert Bay Beach that showcase incredible vistas of the scintillating horizon and the enormity of sea waters. This beach is also popular as one of the nesting houses for sea turtles. Tourists who visit the beach during winter season are greeted by cute little turtles gently making their way to the beach for nesting purposes. 

Amkunj Bay Beach

Amkunj Bay Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Baratang Island
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At first glance, Amkunj Beach presents visitors with an unbelievable vision of its shores. Tourists end up succumbing to the surreal aura of this beach, with its intensifying and striking colors. If the silvery sands of Amkunj Beach provide a setup meant for long engrossing strolls, then the pristine waters of this beach cater to the adventurous needs of those souls who dare to swim through them. The government has taken apt measures to build stools and long seats that can be used by resting tourists. It is a wonderful experience to just stay parked on one of these benches and watch the refreshing water come gushing up to the shores of Amkunj Beach.

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