Neil Island
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Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island

Planning A Trip To Neil Island? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Neil Island

Neil Island is a beautiful tropical paradise in the Andaman And Nicobar Islands. Known for its pristine beaches, colourful coral reefs and a host of water sports, Neil Island is a beach baby’s wet dream. So small is this island that you can cover it on foot in two hours. Here you will not find a lack of quiet beaches and tranquil rock formations. Most of them are named after the mythological characters of Ramayana.


You must try the Laxmanpur beach for its sunsets, Sitapur beach for its sunrises, Bharatpur beach for its plethora of water sports and Ramnagar for its coral reefs. There are many other tourist places to visit in Neil island. Read on to find out!

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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Laxmanpur beach, named after the devoted younger brother of Lord Ram, who followed him into exile without any remorse, is a long stretch of paradise where sun sets like a shy bride. This is one of the best beaches in Andaman to experience the sight of sunset. With glinting white particles of sand soft under your feet, and turquoise waters sparkling, this beach is quiet, surreal and ensconced by lush green trees. This is also locally known as Beach no. 1.


Make this an evening destination and sip a cool drink with your loved ones as the sun tumbles into the lap of West, going quietly, as Laxman went behind Ram.

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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Named after the fiercely devoted and innately tender wife of Lord Ram, this beach is called Sitapur beach. If Laxmanpur is known for the silent setting of sun, Sitapur is known for the rising sun. Its sunrises are straight out of desktop wallpapers and postcard pictures. It has two curved bays and radiant blue waters, clear as crystal. When the tide is low, you can also explore the many little caves in the bay. 


This beach also becomes a yoga paradise at the touch of dawn, when people come here to practise yoga, foremost, Surya Namaskar. Visit Sitapur just before dawn breaks and soak in the surreal air of a new day, one that is as old as time.


Sitapur is a little far from the main town, but you will find hotels around here. This beach is also safe for swimming so don’t forget to carry your swim suits.

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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This is considered one of the most attractive beaches on the island and a favourite among the tourists. Bharatpur beach, named after Lord Ram’s second brother, the one who stayed back at his word to steward the throne of Ayodhya and waited 14 years to hand it back, is home to beautiful fringes of coral reefs. These coral reefs are habitats of a variety of aquatic animals and you can sight them through the clear waters. 


Bharatpur beach is also enjoyed widely for the variety of water sports it offers. From swimming to Jet skiing to Glass bottom boat rides; the last one is significantly famous as you will peruse coral reefs and fishes through the glass floor.


Entry Fee: Rs. 100 per person for Glass bottom boat (10 mins)

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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Named after the Raghuvanshi king himself, who was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, Ramnagar Beach is one of the most underrated places on Neil island. It has a white shore fringed by green trees and some seriously swoon-worthy coral reefs. This beach is lined by a number of resorts and snorkelling is the most coveted sport around here.


When the tide is low, swimming is not advisable as the rocks and corals underneath are sharp.

Howrah Bridge – Natural Rock Formation

Howrah Bridge – Natural Rock Formation:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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This is a natural wonder, a marvel of rock formation locally called Howrah bridge for its unique shape. Water flows from under a set of rocks, formed in the shape of a bridge.


Make sure you visit this place at low tide and wear sturdy shoes for the slippery surfaces. They can be slightly tricky to tackle as the coral reefs below are sharp while rocks are clean and slippery.

Neil Kendra

Neil Kendra:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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As the name suggests, Neil Kendra is the centre of the island, greeting you as soon as you get off the boat at the jetty. This is a stretch of curving shore straddling the Neil island Jetty, dotted with lovely wooden boats used for fishing. As the heart of the island, this place also boasts of vendors, sellers and a small market. Most hotels are situated around this hub, within walking distance of each other. 


On one side of this hub lies Bharatpur beach while Laxmanpur is on the other side.

Sir Hugh Rose Island

Sir Hugh Rose Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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This is the southern tip of Neil island, by all means and purposes, the end of this paradise. It is locally also referred to as Chhota Neil or smaller Neil. Sir Hugh Rose Island is a Wild Life Sanctuary because it is the nesting ground for turtles. This makes it quite an attraction for animal lovers. But you need to obtain prior permission from the Deputy Range Officer of the Forest Department to step foot here. 


Only day visits are given permission for.

Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Neil Island
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The Kalapathar Beach, known so because of the beautiful black rocks that fringe its white bay sands, is a splendid day out from Neil Island. It is more than an hour away from the island, almost in Havelock, but most tourists enjoy to get away for a morning. The north of Kalapathar is always crowded but the southern edge gives you some space and quiet to enjoy by yourself. Do visit if you have an empty day in Neil Island for lazing on the sand, swimming by dark rocks and taking Instagram-worthy photos!

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