Baratang Island
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Things To Do In Baratang Island

Planning A Trip To Baratang Island? Here's our list of top things to do in Baratang Island

Baratang Island is a concealed wonder that forms a part of the group of islands nurtured in Andaman and Nicobar. Situated close to the central area of the Andaman Sea, this island boasts of impenetrable mangrove jungles, native tribal folk, and a broad variety of plant life. The island holds several fascinating prospects for those tourists who nurture an adventurous soul within themselves. There are loads of exciting things to partake in, such as bird watching, venturing into some of the limestone caves, and taking up a serene boat ride through the mangrove forests. This lesser known tourist destination remains secluded and thus offers visitors with a peaceful and soothing getaway from their daily routine. Let us delve deeper to understand some of these interesting things to do in Baratang Island.

Trek to the Magnificent Limestone Caves

Trek to the Magnificent Limestone Caves:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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Trekking their way through splendid mangrove vegetation, tourists can reach the limestone caves that have stayed glorious even after all the centuries of erosion. These caves are blessed with stunning natural patterns of limestone, which were created by the persistent corrosion of a solution of water and carbon dioxide. Not only do these limestone formations rise up from the ground, but they also hang down from the ceiling of these caves. Mother Nature has in her own wondrous ways helped develop such intriguing and ornate structures. These structures keep evolving as time passes by, with the never-ending erosions creating their magic. With such interesting designs to showcase, the limestone caves are a must visit on a trip to Baratang Island.

Hiking to the Mud Volcanoes

Hiking to the Mud Volcanoes:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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The mud volcanoes that reside on Baratang Island portray nature’s skillful creation. Uncharacteristically, these volcanoes do not have Lava gushing out of their pores. Instead, these mud volcanoes are created by the rare excretion of natural gases such as Methane and free-flowing fluids. Sometimes, these gases are excreted out with a thunderous explosion, posing an uncanny resemblance to the flames of a fire.


These pocket-sized volcanoes are popular all over the world for their unique excretions and mud formations. The earliest volcanic activity on Baratang Island is believed to have occurred in 1983, with some rumbling emission taking place within Nilambur village. With such intriguing facts and features, these mud volcanoes of Baratang Island are a natural phenomenon that shouldn’t be missed on a visit to the island.

Sea Walking under Peaceful Waters

Sea Walking under Peaceful Waters:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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A trip to one of the beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar would always remain half-done without indulging in activities such as sea walking. The North Bay Island, which is located within close proximity to Baratang Island offers some exciting prospects when it comes to underwater ventures. Tourists have the unique privilege of getting up close and personal with the spectacular aquatic life that the sea waters nurture beneath.


For visitors who do not know how to swim, this is a delightful opportunity to walk toe to toe along the sea bed, while these marvelous creatures go about their usual business. It is a secure venture into sea waters, with underwater experts keeping visitors company throughout. 

Boat Ride through a Canopy of Mangroves

Boat Ride through a Canopy of Mangroves:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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Baratang Island has been bejewelled with glorious mangrove swamps all over its terrain. The tunnel formed out of thick mangroves that flank the creek area is a marvel of Mother Nature. This canopy of mangrove swamps falls on the stunning waterway that leads up to the limestone caves. A plethora of vivid bird species can be found along this waterway, dwelling and surviving within the surrounding vegetation. The intriguing fact here is that this fascinating pathway provides ample shade for tourists even during the afternoon. The impenetrable canopy of mangrove jungles does not allow sunlight to seep through. Couples would love a scintillating ride through this canopy, as it would help them rekindle their lost romance.

Eco-friendly Shacks and Enthralling Water Ventures

Eco-friendly Shacks and Enthralling Water Ventures:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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It is truly a serene experience to spend time amidst the peaceful shores of Baratang Island. One of the serene beaches along this island, Baludera Beach has aligned a wonderful assortment of eco-friendly huts along its sands. Visitors are free to rent one of these huts in their endeavor to enjoy the panoramic scenery on display at the beach. Along with relaxing options, the beaches that fall in the surrounding vicinity of Baratang Island also offer exhilarating water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, canoeing, and scuba diving.


If Baludera Beach boasts of some fascinating canoeing prospects, then the Merk Bay Beach proudly offers some captivating swimming and snorkeling activities within its pristine waters. Whether it is the thrill of diving into the deep sea and interacting with marine life or the invigorating prospect of rowing through these waters in narrow long boats like a seafarer, Baratang Island does not disappoint when it comes to adventurous escapades.

Secluded Jarawa Creek

Secluded Jarawa Creek:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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The Jarawa Creek is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Baratang Island. The dense jungles around this isolated creek form an abode for one of the earliest tribal communities on the island. Familiar to the external world as the Jarawa tribe, these people have kept themselves detached from the sophisticated world that we live in today. The sheer fact that this tribal community still consume food in the form of raw fruits and vegetables and raw pigs is astonishing. If lucky, tourists might be able to catch a sight of these tribals on a ride through the waters of the Jarawa Creek. It is a unique experience for tourists to spot these people in their scanty clothing, going about daily duties such as hunting, gathering and dancing.

Coral Gazing at Mohwa Dera

Coral Gazing at Mohwa Dera:  Things To Do In Baratang Island
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Situated at a distance of about 31 km from Port Blair, Mohwa Dera village houses the quaint Mohwa Dera Beach. Tourists visiting this beach are presented with unique activities such as coral gazing. This activity involves peering at the different exotic marine species that reside within the calm waters below. The unique fact about this entertaining activity is that tourists are allowed to peek through boats that have been ingrained with a floor made out of glass. These glass surfaces provide a thrilling view of the magnificent corals and aquatic animals that live beneath. A trip to Baratang Island would be unfinished if tourists didn’t try out this intriguing activity.

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