Ross Island
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Things To Do In Ross Island

Planning A Trip To Ross Island? Here's our list of top things to do in Ross Island

Ross Island is one of the natural wonders that grace the splendid assortment of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. This island is popular among tourists for its picturesque surroundings. During the colonial times, Ross Island served as the managerial headquarters of the British Empire. On the other hand, the Japanese have also left traces of the times when they took control of Ross Island for their strategic benefits during World War II. Such consequential turn of events have added immense historical allure to Ross Island’s tourism prospects.


Tourists who visit the island can indulge in several intriguing activities. Tourists can either relive the bygone era by exploring the remnants that the colonial powers have left behind or venture into the island’s natural reserve to be entertained by its tranquil surroundings and captivating flora and fauna. Tourists who wish to partake in adventurous tasks can also wander through the island on a trek. Read on to get a picture of some of these amazing things to do on a trip to Ross Island.

Pay a Visit to Ross Island Penal Colony

Pay a Visit to Ross Island Penal Colony:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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The Ross Island Penal Colony formed a place of confinement for Indian revolutionaries who stood up against the bullying antics of the British government. Social, economic and religious exploitation of the Indian inhabitants resulted in an uprising against the tyrant British regime in 1857. The British rulers used this secluded settlement to form a prison for the Indian rebels. The dense forests made way for a British Penal Colony amidst its vicinity. It is believed that more than 200 Indian freedom fighters stayed behind bars here. With the dawn of Indian independence, the rebels were finally freed in the 1930s and 1940s. However, the remnants of this savage penal colony still lay siege within its confines. 

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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Popularly proclaimed as Fisheries Museum, the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum provides shelter to a plethora of aquatic species, including rare fish species and a variety of shells and corals. Operated by the Indian Navy, this museum houses a total of five stunning exhibition rooms that showcase the geography, anthropology, history and aquatic life of Ross Island. Outside the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum lies a phenomenal skeletal framework of a majestic blue whale that was delivered to the shores of Nicobar upon its demise. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum offers tourists with a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the island’s diverse ecosystem. It provides a fascinating low-down on the oceanic life, animals, plants and tribal settlements that inhabit this quaint island.

Thrilling Rides at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Thrilling Rides at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex boasts of a thrilling collection of water sports and activities that tourists can partake in. Venturesome activities such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Speed Boat Cruise, Sea Walking, Parasailing, Banana Boat Rides, and Paddle Boating are set up to amuse the adventurous side of tourists. Priced at economical rates, these rides and activities are sure to leave tourists enthralled by the unique aura of Ross Island’s oceanic beauty. Apart from the delightful water escapades that are on offer, the complex also bears historical significance. The complex site witnessed a savage war between the British regime and the original inhabitants of Andaman, which was later termed as the Battle of Aberdeen. This adds a historical touch to the adventurous traits of Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex.

Refreshing Gandhi Park

Refreshing Gandhi Park:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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Situated in the central part of the city, Gandhi Park offers tourists with opportunities to revive themselves by dwelling in the revitalising aura of the park. The park has been built by man, symbolizing the great architectural prowess that we relish. The combination of a pristine lake and invigorating flora and fauna in the surrounding vicinity sets this park apart from other regular parks. With some captivating amusement activities and a serene walking path along the lake, Gandhi Park is perfect for livening up the evenings in the company of nature. Adding a historical touch to the park’s beautiful surroundings, the Dithaman tank situated here once formed the only wellspring of drinking water for the island. Visitors are also free to take up boating rides through the lake and unwind from the daily hustle and bustle.

Bunkers reminiscent of Japanese Invasion

Bunkers reminiscent of Japanese Invasion:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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Ross Island was invaded by Japanese military forces during World War II. The Japanese managed to dislodge the British powers and exercised control over this island for a small period. The Japanese used Ross Island as a war settlement, meting out harsh treatment to the Indians that lived on the island as well as the prisoners. Using the island as a war camp, the Japanese assembled bunkers, a cannon sheathe, and innumerable winding tunnels. The brilliant architectural prowess of the Japanese resulted in these structures still gracing Ross Island. Tourists who love to venture into historical events will love this place.

Ross Island Light and Sound Show

Ross Island Light and Sound Show:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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A trip to Ross Island would be incomplete without experiencing the breathtaking Ross Island Light and Sound Show. At the time of dusk, a scintillating Light and Sound Show is displayed at a bakery that prevailed during the colonial times. This exhilarating show sheds light upon the intriguing events that have taken hold of the island over the years. The bakery forms the backdrop against which tourists can watch the history of Ross Island unfurl. With lighting effect and resounding speakers placed in every nook and cranny of the area, the organizers put on an exceptional theatre for the visitors. This show takes tourists back in time, reliving the freedom fighting days of yore. Get ready to be gripped by patriotic fervor when the powerful voice of Gulzar, an accomplished lyricist, takes over.

Engage in Scuba Diving and Sea Walking

Engage in Scuba Diving and Sea Walking:  Things To Do In Ross Island
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The Lacadives Scuba Diving Center in Chidiyatapu, an island within close proximity, offers tourists with adventurous dives into the precious waters of the island. The centre operates programs that involve understanding the interlinked biological communities and species that abide within these waters. Tourists can take up a course that enlightens them with the diving rules while in the middle of the sea and helps them explore the depths of the ocean. For those who already hold certifications in diving, the center offers exciting diving packages for pure fun and entertainment. It is truly awe-inspiring to witness gorgeous marine animals in full swing while you swim past them. Another interesting activity is sea walking, wherein you can have the luxury of walking under water and maybe also feeding some exotic aquatic animals.

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