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Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya

Planning A Trip To Pattaya? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Pattaya

The beach resort town of Pattaya is a coveted tourist destination. This is an enthralling town with beautiful beaches, a profusion of bars, glitzy shopping malls, and some thrilling water sports options. Located just 200 km away from Bangkok, head to Pattaya to enjoy the sunshine, the sand, and the blue ocean. For those planning to vacation on these shores, here's a detailed list of all the awesome experiences you need to gather during your stay. The top tourist places you must visit while in Pattaya include the lush Nong Nooch Village, Four Regions Floating Market, Walking Street, Mini Siam and Jomtien Beach among many others.

Nong Nooch Village

Nong Nooch Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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The sprawling park at Nong Nooch Village is a traveler's delight. With a magnificent orchid garden and a zoo that lays the region's flora and fauna open to those who truly care, a visit to the Nong Nooch Village takes you really close to nature. You can also witness cockfights, Thai boxing matches, and an elephant show here. 

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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One can escape from the hustle and bustle of the main city and relax at the Jomtien Beach. Unleash the water lovers in you and make the most of the ocean with water sports options like windsurfing, parasailing, and jet skiing. When in need of refreshments, rely on the local restaurants. They serve some authentic and delectable Thai preparations and fresh seafood.

Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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The Sanctuary of Truth is a massive religious monument in Pattaya, constructed intricately from wood, with engravings built in a traditional Thai architectural style. The interiors are full of Buddhist and Hindu motifs and sculptures. The 105-meter tall structure is yet to be completed and the estimated date is as far away as 2050 even though the project started during the 80s. Visit the Sanctuary of Truth to witness Thai cultural shows and traditional Thai boxing.

Wat Yansangwararam

Wat Yansangwararam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, this temple was built in 1976 to commemorate the 42nd year of his reign. Sprawled across 145 acres of land, the Wat Yan displays a relatively modern architectural style as compared to all the other temples in Thailand. Just 20 km south of Pattaya, visit the Wat Yan temple to witness the coming together of Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian and Swiss cultures. 

Four Regions Floating Market

Four Regions Floating Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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The first and only floating market in Pattaya is the best place to be if you want a glimpse of local life. Like the name suggests, the floating market is a flea bazaar in which vendors set up shops on traditional wooden Thai canoes and sail around the backwaters waiting for the hundreds of shoppers who pour in to make their purchases daily. From the freshest of local vegetables to the choicest sea food delicacies, you'll find it all here. This is also one of the best places to try Thai street food. 

Pattaya Park

Pattaya Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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The Pattaya Park is an amusement park on the beach front. With a variety of rides on offer, this is an exciting place for children and adventure loving adults. The park is lined with restaurants and eateries all serving mouth-watering preparations and a variety of edible knick-knacks.  You can either pump up your adrenaline in one of the daring rides or can simply enjoy in the water park.

Koh Larn

Koh Larn:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Koh Larn is also called the coral island locally, located off Pattaya’s beautiful east coast. The small place is home to pristine blue waters and sandy beaches. It is a perfect beach getaway, with stalls and boutiques, open markets and restaurants and cafes. The hotels here are luxurious and the locals very welcoming. You can indulge in ferry rides, speed boats, parasailing and swimming in its waters.

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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As the name suggests, Underwater World Pattaya is an aquarium. Home to a long, 150 m tunnel where around 5000+ fishes swim around for your eyes, Underwater World Pattaya remains open every day during day hours. You will witness more than 200 species of marine life in 5 distinctly created zones. From huge manta rays to sharks, you can see them all floating above you in the tunnel, as if you are strolling through a sea itself!

Walking Street

Walking Street:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Walking Street, contrary to its name, is not a walking promenade but a party destination. One of the best nightlife haunts in Pattaya, here you get everything from pubs to discos to amazing restaurants and dance bars. The Beach Road initiates all the buzzing party energy that continues right down to the Bali Hai Plaza. If you are without kids and ready to dive into the music and booze of this town, then Walking Street is your destination.

Tiffany Cabaret Show

Tiffany Cabaret Show:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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How can you miss a cabaret show in Thailand? The country is known for this genre. The Tiffany Cabaret Show in Pattaya is one of the more famous ones around. The transgenders of the region have been putting up this cabaret for more than 40 years now, grabbing local and international eyeballs. Their talent and coordination is spellbinding, throwing you into a cultural extravaganza. Most of their dance acts are based on Thai folk songs, initiating you into the culture and its history too, while maintaining the glamour.

Mini Siam

Mini Siam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Mini Siam is a children’s amusement park that was once a research project. It dates back to the year 1985, and is home to replicas of every famous place in the world. Famously, people also called Mini Siam as Mini Europe, where not only recreated models are displayed but fun rides and workshops and shows are also put up. Kids enjoy the activities, while parents ensure that they learn something new.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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A gallery and art museum in its own right — Art in Paradise is a great place to visit if you are an art lover in Pattaya. With its 3-D effects and close-to-reality paintings, the gallery shows you how art and reality can merge so seamlessly. This is a unique experience, and one appreciated by few. Hence you won’t find much crowd here.

Dolphinarium Pattaya

Dolphinarium Pattaya:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Another aquarium in Pattaya, this one dedicated solely to dolphins, is best visited on a bright sunny day with kids and friends in tow. Dolphinarium World Pattaya teaches tourists about these beautiful creatures that are intelligent and lovely in the same breath. From shows to feeding sessions, special adventures and open dining, you will enjoy all the activities dished out for you. Everything is controlled by experts at shows and the animals are also well trained, so rest assured, your kids will be safe.

Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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One would wonder, why doesn’t India, a country home to the epic Ramayana, does not have such an amusement park… 


But Pattaya is way ahead in its creativity and vision, having built a water park in 2019 that is themed on ancient cities and characters. It is one of Asia’s largest, and so unique, with tens of rides and slides and pools. Ramayana has lodging and dining facilities available, as well as a host of water sports. Because it is located in the midst of hills, the scenic beauty of the surroundings adds to the charm.

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Lose yourself in a world of elephants in Pattaya. The Pattaya Elephant Village is a very popular tourist haunt here, taking you in the middle of this specie of very loving, very adoring animals. The sanctuary is very well maintained, feeling like a natural habitat, where elephants are taken care of by professionals as well as locals. They all welcome you and take you through the daily routine of elephants. It is pretty therapeutic, as are the elephant back rides through the village.

Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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The Big Buddha Temple is an ancient shrine, a magnificent one at that, with a huge 12 m high gold Buddha statue. You can visit this temple on an island near Pattaya by ferries or boats. The temple is perched on a hill, with steps carved with dragons. You can enjoy a day out here, along with amazing dine-ins and restaurants selling Thai cuisine.

Frost Magical Ice of Siam

Frost Magical Ice of Siam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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An exhibition of beautiful intricate ice statues and sculptures, Frost Magical Ice of Siam is a great place to cool your tired bodies after long excursions in Pattaya. Your eyes also soak in all that beauty and cool ocean sculptures. You will feel yourself in the Arctic itself, with the subzero temperatures and a peaceful air around the sculptures. Be careful while walking, as the floor is very slippery thanks to all that ice.

Rubber Land

Rubber Land:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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A rubber museum? Really? Well, Thailand is unique that way. 


Rubber Land is the country’s first museum of rubber, and is huge. There are 4 different zones here including a rubber plantation, latex manufacturing unit, 3D projection mapping and a life zone that brings the material to life in the form of various objects. From learning the processing of rubber to its final product, you will see it all here. And as you leave, you can buy all the cute souvenirs like rubber pillows and stationery items -- absolutely duty free.

Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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Teddy bear museum too? Yes, yes, Pattaya is a place where dreams come true. 


All those childhood dreams of hundreds of teddy bears around come true here. This is the only teddy museum in all of South Asia. As the name suggests, the museum is home to a huge collection of these soft toys, making it coveted among the family crowds. You will walk by almost 2000 teddy bears here and enjoy another great range to buy from at their souvenir shop!

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Pattaya Sheep Farm:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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A unique place in Pattaya is this sheep farm where you can not only see sheep rearing but also enjoy sections like a butterfly corner and a feeding facility. Children particularly enjoy this place as it reminds them of the Old Mcdonald’s farm. The cute sheep raising facilities with the fluffy animals running around add to the charm. Visit between 9 in the morning and 7.30 in the evening.

Thepprasit Night Market

Thepprasit Night Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pattaya
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The locals also call it Kankhena thepprasit market. This night market is famous among the people of Pattaya as well as the tourists. A metal plaza shelters all stalls and shops, keeping you covered through your expedition. You can pick up varied items, from clothes to shoes, bags to toys to accessories. And gorge on amazing street food! What more could one want when in Thailand?

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