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Pattaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Pattaya

Planning A Trip To Pattaya? Here's a snapshot of Pattaya weather and the best time to visit Pattaya

Pattaya has evolved from being a small fishing village to being one of the most developed tourist destinations in Thailand. Pattaya is now the center of many of the large and sophisticated international hotel chains and one can find a fine selection of high-class restaurants and the possibility of a more "quiet" night life. Pattaya has also tried to create an image as a family destination and a place for foreigners who want to settle down for long periods of time.


Pattaya’s weather is hot all year round with the average peak temperature hovering around 29 degrees Celsius. Perched near the top of the Gulf of Thailand, it is witnesses annual monsoons and has three prominent seasons. Read on to find out the best time to visit Pattaya.

The Cool Season (November to February)

The Cool Season (November to February):  Pattaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Pattaya
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November to February sees the perfect weather with very little rain and moderate temperatures. The average high is around 31 degree Celsius while the lowest stays around 21-22 degree Celsius. This is peak tourist season in Pattaya so book in advance if you want to avoid the high prices.


With the festive seasons, Pattaya is at its glamorous best and the beaches throng with travellers from around the world. The Pattaya City Hall hosts various events, the markets and malls rain discounts and prominent Thai food festivals serve delectable preparations during this season. 

The Hot Season (March to May)

The Hot Season (March to May):  Pattaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Pattaya
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March, April, and May are the hottest months with the mercury going as high as of 33 degrees Celsius. It is scorching hot and humid and unpleasantly so. Occasional rains bring some relief but not enough to make this a good tourist season. Even the nights are muggy with the temperature hovering from 27 to 25 degree Celsius. 


Even though this time of the year is a hit with European tourists looking for a beach vacation away from the damp winters back home, the beaches are mostly quiet. Visit during this season if you are looking for discounts, solitude and want to attend the vibrant Songkran “festival” which happens for a two-week stretch during April.

The Rainy Season (June to October)

The Rainy Season (June to October):  Pattaya Weather And Best Time To Visit Pattaya
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June to October is usually considered low season for tourists because of the intense and frequent showers and the swarms of mosquitoes it brings in its wake. However, the rains also bring temperatures down. The highest is around 30 and the minimum stays at 27-25 degree Celsius. Even though the bars and bistros are still open, there's less crowd. Budget travelers should consider this season as the prices are quite low.

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