Phi Phi Islands
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Phi Phi Islands Weather And Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Islands

Planning A Trip To Phi Phi Islands? Here's a snapshot of Phi Phi Islands weather and the best time to visit Phi Phi Islands

The weather of Phi Phi Islands is one of the main factors of making this place amazingly enchanting. The climate is quite similar to that of Phuket and Krabi. The average temperature of Phi Phi is around 24°C to 32°C throughout the year. The weather is neither too hot nor to cold due to which inhabitants as well as holiday makers prefer to be outdoors in Phi Phi. The best time to visit Phi Phi Islands is in winters, from November to March, when the climate is pleasant and less humid and sweaty. The tourists are discouraged to visit Phi Phi during rains as there are heavy downpours making it difficult to be outdoors. So, let us now take a brief of the weather of Phi Phi throughout the year.

Winters (November to February)

Winters (November to February):  Phi Phi Islands Weather And Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Islands
Photograph by Easyvoyage

The islands experience a cool weather after the rains. The winters are the best time to visit Phi Phi islands, but it is also the busiest time to visit as most of the tourists are planning their trip to Thailand during winters. The temperature is moderate enough, ranging from 23°C to 30°C. December is the coolest month of all while February is pretty dry as the winters are drifting towards summers. Phi Phi Islands experience the maximum crowds in the month of January as winters is the best time to visit although, the deals offered in this month would be costlier as compared to the deals offered in the summer season. This is the apt time for lying around the beautiful beaches and spending time doing al fresco activities. Tourists can also party around the beaches in shacks until the wee morning hours.

Summers (March to mid-May)

Summers (March to mid-May):  Phi Phi Islands Weather And Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Islands
Photograph by Kuoni

These months are considered the hottest months of Phi Phi, just before the rains hit the islands. The islands are full of humidity and temperature is around 27°C to 36°C. Phi Phi might experience some heavy showers in between these months to settle the heat. The tourists coming to Phi Phi might see the Thai New Year in April wherein people sprinkle water on each other. Summers are quite dry in Phi Phi, but tourists planning a pocket friendly trip can visit the islands during the hot season as there are plenty of water-based activities available for tourists; and due to frequent rains, the heat doesn’t cause much trouble. People can lay around the beaches and enjoy sun tanning. There is comparatively less crowd during this time, but the pocket friendly travellers can visit in summer as there are quite good deals available.

Monsoons (mid- May to October)

Monsoons (mid- May to October):  Phi Phi Islands Weather And Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Islands
Photograph by Krabi

The monsoons are the longest in Phi Phi as the locals enjoy the months of June, July and August. The main attractions of the island are also at low line due to heavy rainfall. The general pattern of these months is that the days are full of sunshine and evenings might experience heavy downpour. Tourists planning their trip around this time might find all deals quite inexpensive and may experience less rush around the places of attraction. September and October are the months of continuous rains, which might lead to humid climate. Tourists visiting the place during monsoons are suggested to avoid any water activities, as the sea level might increase. Tourists can roam around the islands and try some massages and street food in the monsoons. Beaches, restaurants and streets are relatively unoccupied making your stay hassle-free and within budget.

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