Mount Abu
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Things To Do In Mount Abu

Planning A Trip To Mount Abu? Here's our list of top things to do in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s version of hill station, a jewel encrusted in the crown that is the Aravali Ranges. Most prefer to visit Mount Abu during summers to escape the lowland heat, just like the ancient kings and queens did. Of course, today the mortal man does not have the luxury of hunting trips and caravans in the jungle, but Mount Abu never falls back on the promise to offer other more exciting things to do. From trekking to mountain climbing, hiking to boating, camping to forts and wildlife, there is much to accomplish here.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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Mount Abu offers you some beautiful trekking routes, and takes you through one of the world’s most ancient mountain belts. Travellers and adventure enthusiasts come here all prepped up for the climbs. They range from medium to easy to simple walks and are best explored in the winter months between October and March. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to find these routes and meander up your way into the heights of the Aravalis.


Camping:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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Imagine the mountains and their quiet solitude, chirping crickets and the moon swollen and full on the night sky, a warm fire crackling in front of you and a tent pitched behind you… well, that’s camping in Mount Abu for you! With the lush fields and harsh boulders and rocks, the place is a great ground for going night-camping with friends. Make bonfires and gaze up at the stars. Summer is the best time to go for overnight camps, and monsoon the worst. You can go to the Wildlife Sanctuary here for camping and tents are readily available on rent.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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Adventure lovers, here, here - Mount Abu offers some amazing rock climbing experiences. If you are an expert or experienced in the sport then you can get on with it on your own, otherwise there are special trainers who can teach and guide you too. Arbuda Wall is a great spot to go rock climbing and you can rent the equipment too! The activity is not undertaken during monsoons.

Visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a huge expanse of highland, jungle cover and Aravali’s native wildlife. With its flora, fauna and a beautiful cover of tall trees, the sanctuary also holds religious significance from tribal point of view. Wildlife photography, trekking, camping, bird watching and more can be found in its confines. Leopards, sambhars, sloth bears, jungle cats, wolves, hyenas and wild boars are commonly found in the sanctuary. You can easily take a safari or go for hiking.

Explore the Achalgarh Fort

Explore the Achalgarh Fort:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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Achalgarh Fort, located around 11 km away from Abu, is surrounded by the Achalgarh village and also is close to the Achleshwar temple. Built by the kings of the Paramar Dynasty back in the day, the fort was later renovated by Maharana Kumbha in early 1400s. You must explore the nearby Shiv Temple and its statue of Nandi, as well as enjoy your time inside the fort. Inside the complex there is a lake as well that makes for a great setting to click photographs.

Go Boating to Nakki Lake

Go Boating to Nakki Lake:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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Nakki Lake is another jewel in Mount Abu, dotted by numerous colourful boats, paddle vessels and small shikaras. People flock here on cool evenings to go peddling and boating, snack on local munchies and enjoy the verdant views of the Aravalis. All the pedalling also ensures you burn enough calories to gorge on food later on. It takes you around half an hour to tour the entire lake on a boat and then you can chill by the banks.

Watch the Dhrudhiya Waterfalls

Watch the Dhrudhiya Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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What kind of hill station would Mount Abu be if it did not have at least one lush waterfall? Dhrudhiya Waterfalls make it a point to complete this town’s status as a real hill station, with its beautiful cascade from atop one of Aravali’s hills. The tour of Dhrudhiya is a day trip and great for nature lovers, photographers, leisure seekers and hikers. Try and start early so that you can leave the area before nightfall as often fog covers the roads.

Pray at Dilwara Temple

Pray at Dilwara Temple:  Things To Do In Mount Abu
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The Dilwara Temple is Mount Abu’s tourism highlight as well as the centre of spirituality for those coming here for religion. It is a Jain Temple and very famous one at that, located very close to Nakki Lake. Made of white marble, the Dilwara temple is a pilgrimage built by Vastupal Tejpal back in the day. It has opulent rich designs, carvings and unparalleled beauty. There are a set of 5 smaller temples inside, namely the Luna Vasahi, Vimal Vasahi, Parshvanatha, Pittalhar and Mahavir Swami.

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