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Things To Do In Bharatpur

Planning A Trip To Bharatpur? Here's our list of top things to do in Bharatpur

Bharatpur, a city in Rajasthan, is a place with some special attractions for its visitors. While these may not be exactly activities that will get your adrenaline pumping, they are sure to help create memories of a lifetime. The most obvious thing to do while in Bharatpur is to take out the camera and head for the bird sanctuary. The lesser known activity that one can indulge in here is undertaking a historical walk through one of the most fascinating forts of the country, the Lohagarh Fort and getting lost in the pages of history. You can shop in the bazars or walk the streets and Bharatpur is sure to leave a rustic feeling inside you. 

Bird Watching and Bird Photography

Bird Watching and Bird Photography:  Things To Do In Bharatpur
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Keoladeo Ghana National Park is home to 64 families, 181 genera and 227 subspecies of birds. A World Heritage Site, one can spend hours spotting rare breeds of birds that make the sanctuary their home every winter. It is any bird lover’s dream come true. It gives a brilliant opportunity to make use of that camera which is under threat of catching rust and returning with stunning images of those beautiful birds and breathtaking scenery surrounding the sanctuary.

Historical Walk through Lohagarh Fort

Historical Walk through Lohagarh Fort:  Things To Do In Bharatpur
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An impregnable fort built by the Jat rulers of Bharatpur enjoys the distinction of being one of the most formidable forts ever built in Indian history. Despite repeated attacks by Mughals and the British, the fort wall could never be breached rendering it inaccessible to outsiders. A symbol not of architectural magnificence but of sheer grit and strength, the Lohagarh Fort is a must visit for all history lovers. A trek through the mighty fort can be as thrilling as any adventure sports for those who would love to get lost in the pages of history.

Temple Tour

Temple Tour:  Things To Do In Bharatpur
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For the spiritually inclined and religious minded travellers, Bharatpur boasts of a fair number of temples which one can visit at leisure. Primary among them is the Bankey Bihari Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna which is indeed a delightful place for spending time. Laxman Mandir was built to celebrate and pay tribute to the virtues of Laxman, the dutiful brother of Lord Ram. The temple is richly coloured with carved walls and doors. The temple is a perfect example of the Rajasthani style of architecture. Ganga Mandir is another beautiful temple in the heart of Bharatpur. The residing deity of Ganga Maharaj is made of marble and is an imposing structure. Within the bird sanctuary is a quiet and serene temple, the Seetharam Temple. Set amidst nature, the temple premise is perfect for meditation.

A Day’s Trip to Popular Tourist Sites

A Day’s Trip to Popular Tourist Sites:  Things To Do In Bharatpur
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Bharatpur is strategically located close to some of the major tourist attractions of the country. Anyone visiting Bharatpur would rarely forego the opportunity of visiting these places. A mere 38 km away is Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna and considered one of the most sacred places in India. Janmashthami, the day Krishna was born is celebrated with much pomp and show and is a huge crowd drawer. 58 km from Bharatpur is one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. This piece of exquisite artistic creation must be visited during your stay in Bharatpur. So if you have time on your hand while in Bharatpur, plan your trips to these fascinating destinations. 

Shopping in Bharatpur

Shopping in Bharatpur:  Things To Do In Bharatpur
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Rajasthan is one state which is defined by a strong Indian flavour. This gets reflected in their traditional costumes, jewellery, antiques etc. Bharatpur is no exception. Hence a visit to the colourful bazaars must feature in your to-do agenda. Beautifully carved decorative showpieces, brass works and marble carvings are very popular, which one can take back as souvenirs. Precious and semi precious jewellery, particularly the famous ‘kundan’ sets are breathtakingly beautiful. If you are a girl and love bangles you will be spoilt for choice by the variety of bangles available here. Glass bangles, lac bangles, stone studded bangles, the list is endless.

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