Ranthambore National Park
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Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park

Planning A Trip To Ranthambore National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore is one of the most sought-after places in Rajasthan. People from all over the world come to get a glimpse of the majestic Bengal tigers that live in the park. While the tigers are the most popular reason that people come here, Ranthambore has a lot more to offer. With so many things that one can do here, time will literally fly. Ranthambore has something for everyone, the adventurous jeep/canter safari and hiking, marvellous sights for history lovers and bird-watching and so on. Here are some more things to do when in the majestic forests of Ranthambore.


Sight-Seeing:  Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park
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Ranthambore has plenty of attractive places that one can visit. The Ranthambore National Park is the single most popular destination here. With breath-taking scenery and array of animal species, the park is absolutely marvellous. The Ranthambore Fort, located inside the national park is a reminder of the glorious past of this place. Built on top of one of the many hills here, the Fort stands tall and one can truly witness the expanse of this reserve. The view from the fort is simply magnificent, with the park stretched across the horizon and the beauty of the landscape below.


The region has some of the most scenic and pleasant lakes. The Padam Lake, the Surwal Lake, the Malik Lake and the Raj Bagh Lake are among the many. The lakes not only serve as an important source of water for the residents of the park, they also accommodate and provide for birds that migrate from far-off regions. The lakes make for a perfect spot to soak in all the wild beauty that Ranthambore has to offer. The Raj Bagh ruins and the Jogi Mahal are also quite popular with tourists. Both of these historic places speak about the heritage of Ranthambore and visits here can be very interesting.

Jeep/Canter Safari

Jeep/Canter Safari:  Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park
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Hailed as one of the most famous things to do here, the Jeep/Canter Safari in Ranthambore National Park is quite the ride. While the park is closed down during monsoon, considering the breeding season for the tigers, it remains open throughout the rest of the year. While the winter months are pleasant and allow for a lovely ride, the months of April and May are the best for spotting animals. There are two slots each day, and the timing is fixed with changes only on account of bad weather.


The early morning slot begins an hour after dawn and the mid-afternoon ride ends an hour before dusk. Each ride therefore lasts about 3 hours and goes deep into the forests, making sightings more probable. While the Bengal tigers are the most sought-after, there are plenty of other rare species too that inhabit this park.


The tigers in the park here are considered less afraid of human contact and so are seen more often roaming the forests. They can be seen wandering about, crossing the paths used by the vehicles, nursing their young and sometimes can be seen too close for comfort. The rides are safe with experienced guides in each vehicle to ensure the absolute security of all passengers. While on the ride, visitors also get a glimpse of animals like the Indian Leopard, the chital, the Sambar deer, sloth bear etc. The safari in Ranthambore is simply the best in the Indian circuit and should not be missed.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park
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The Ranthambore National Park most commonly known for its tiger population is also quite famous amongst the 'birders.' Loaded with numerous lakes and vegetation, the park is good place for birds. The park is home to a variety of species and also hosts migratory birds during the winter months. With a total of over 273 species inhabiting the park, the place is a hot-spot for bird-watching. The lakes are one of the best spots in the park to catch these birds in action while the fort and the valley are also quite good to sight certain species like the Serpent Eagle. Birds like Ibis, Egret, Heron and Shrike are quite common and can be seen all over the park while sighting of species like the Indian Grey Hornbills, Treepies, Asian Palm Swifts, Drongos and Kingfishers are special.


Hiking:  Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park
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Placed amidst Aravali and Vindhya ranges, the Ranthambore National Park is the perfect place for hiking. While the hills in the Vindhya Range are not as jagged and sharp, the Aravali is quite the opposite. The Vindhya Range is perfect for amateurs who don’t have much experience in scaling hills while the Aravali can be quite a task. Hiking here is also another opportunity to catch glimpses of some the many animals and birds that inhabit the park. While it’s not entirely safe to venture alone, hikes here can be extremely adventurous with guides or locals.


One can also experience the joy of hiking when climbing up to the Ranthambore Fort. Situated on top of a hill, the hike to the fort is one of the most rewarding with the splendid view of the entire park opening up with each step up.

School of Art

School of Art:  Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park
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The School of Art was opened with the purpose of creating and spreading awareness about the conservation of tiger. The place is full of beautiful tiger paintings and is a good place to visit if you are an art enthusiast. The School of Art also sells its paintings of tigers and what better souvenir to take than a painting of the amazing wild beast.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon:  Things To Do In Ranthambore National Park
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The newly acquired hot air balloon rides make for a completely different and exciting way to explore the park. Operating almost throughout the year, the hot air balloon rides have acquired quite the following. The rides usually happen two hours after dawn and two hours before dusk. Starting with beverages offered by the operators while the balloons inflate, the whole ride can last up to 3 hours. While the actual flight time is 1 hour, there can be difference depending on the weather.


Once in the air, the balloons can fly up to 1200ft. Revamping the exploration of the park, the rides provide extra-ordinary views. With the vast expanse of the park under you, the experience is unmatched. Flying over the towering forts and the many lakes, the sights from the balloon are breath-taking. The hot air balloon rides are a must-try if visiting the park.

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