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Things To Do In Mandvi

Planning A Trip To Mandvi? Here's our list of top things to do in Mandvi

Mandvi being a small town is a very cozy and heartwarming tourist destination in Gujarat. The place offers a number of leisure activities that you must add to your things-to-do list. Is has the exquisite beach which is remarkably pleasing and soothing. A 400-years old shipbuilding yard will give you a level up impressive experience. The adjoining area of Bhuj is which isn’t far away from Mandvi offers another set of exciting things which you will cherish for a lifetime. Mandvi is undoubtedly one of the finest places to visit in Gujarat. Here are some of the prominent things that you can do here.

Enjoy Your Time at Mandvi Beach

Enjoy Your Time at Mandvi Beach:  Things To Do In Mandvi
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Visiting and spending time with family and friends at Mandvi beach is probably the best thing that you can do. The pristine beach of Mandvi is the favorite destination for travelers which they never miss during their trip to Mandvi. Along the clean and clear water, the soft and soothing sand is just magnificent during the sunset. It seems as if the sun is dipping down in the soothing calm water of the sea. Well, apart from enjoying the mesmerizing scenes at the beach, don’t forget to take a camel ride along the beach. It can make you forget your stresses. Other water sports activities are also available at the beach including horse riding. So just be here and enjoy your time. You surely going to love it.

Take a Heritage Walk at the Shipbuilding Yard

Take a Heritage Walk at the Shipbuilding Yard:  Things To Do In Mandvi
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The small Beach town of Mandvi is situated nearly 56 km south of the district headquarters of Bhuj, Gujarat. Primarily, Mandvi was built as trade purposes and had a huge shipbuilding yard. This yard — as old as 400 years — still stands tall, and the building of wooden ships is still practiced. This yard is one of the finest means of trade and earnings for the best of skilled craftsmen who construct such ships by their hands for several outdoor countries. Get to this place and witness how this is done.

Know More About the Naturopathy

Know More About the Naturopathy:  Things To Do In Mandvi
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Based on the ideas of M.K. Gandhi of “Nature care” and naturopathic remedies, the Navjivan Nature Care Center is a healing center located on the Bhuj-Mandvi road. This particular center provides treatment for miscellaneous conditions using every naturopathy as such; Ayurvedic, herbal, acupressure, prayer, meditation, yoga, panchakarma, etc. Here, you will also find organic farmland where a number of fruits, medicinal plants, and vegetables are grown in roughly 40 hectares of area. This is truly a must-visit and this center is quite popular as well.

Explore Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial

Explore Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial:  Things To Do In Mandvi
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The Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial is a museum and gallery constructed and named after the respected Shyamji Krishna Varma who played an indispensable role in the freedom struggle of India. Born on October 4, 1857, this great personality was an Indian revolutionary, lawyer, journalist, and fighter. Moreover, he was the initiator of the “Indian House”, an Indian revolutionary center in London and started influencing his countrymen for independence through his writings in his very own journal known as ‘Indian Sociologist’. This particular memorial is a tribute to Shyamji Krishna Varma and his unforgettable contribution. Here, you will find a beautiful gallery consecrated to the Indian independence movement activists. It too has the urns that contain Krishna Varma’s ashes and those of his wife and other such things. This is a must visiting place in Mandvi.

Stay at the Serena Beach Resort

Stay at the Serena Beach Resort:  Things To Do In Mandvi
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The Serena beach resort is one of the finest and luxurious resorts in Gujarat. The resort reflects the culture of Kutch. The Serena beach resort is an outstanding place for having a luxurious yet memorable stay at Mandvi. What’s best about this resort apart from the luxurious facilities, it’s the hospitality which will make you overwhelmed. Numerous activities are offered by the resort itself, such as a fitness Centre (fitness freaks), a clubhouse, a play zone for kids, a lovely swimming pool and an adventurous mini-golf course where you can have fun with your family and friends.

Experience the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Experience the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Mandvi
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Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is located at a distance of 80 km from Mandvi. It is a protected area near Jakhau village in the Kutch district. It is also known by the name Lala-Parjan Sanctuary and famous amongst tourists. The government declared it a sanctuary in July 1992 and the intention behind this move was to protect these species from hunting and poaching. The semi-arid grasslands, varied vegetation, and marshy swamps are what make this place ideal for Great Indian Bustard. Three species of Bustards can be spotted here: lesser floricans, the Great Indian Bustard, and the Macqueen Bustard. Out of these, it is said that the population of Great Indian Bustard is declining and efforts are being made to ensure the species survive. Apart from the birds, different wild animals can also be spotted. There is also a watchtower from where you can spot a flock of Gazelle and wolfs.

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