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Things To Do In Hikkaduwa

Planning A Trip To Hikkaduwa? Here's our list of top things to do in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa’s name is believed to have been created from a mix of two words, Ship Kaduwa, which refers to Knowledge and Sword in short, which in turn inspires the name of the resort town implying Sword of Knowledge. Hikkaduwa’s beachy vibes and nightlife make it a charming tourist attraction, and a popular destination for board surfing of international repute. Home to innumerable varieties of bright colored fish, multi-colored corals, the coral sanctuary on Hikkaduwa’s shoreline has an assortment of small islets encompassing gorgeous coral growth off the beach. Besides the popular activities of Surfing and visiting the Coral Sanctuary, there are a few other things to do in Hikkaduwa.


Surfing:  Things To Do In Hikkaduwa
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Surfing is one of the most popular things to engage in Hikkaduwa, with a clear warm water base and waves as high as 11 ft. With a high-performance wave and an A-frame peak which has a considerable line running through to the shore, with a left break into a channel with the choicest mix of sand and reef, the main reef at Hikkaduwa is mostly crowded in favorable conditions. Approx. 200 m south of the main reef is Benny’s which favors the left and is must faster and hollower than the main reef.  


You will find the best surf in the resort town during the dry season of November through March at the four major surf sports in Hikkaduwa. The adaptable and diverse selection of tides in this area includes some beach breaks as well and you will find Madiha, one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka on the south of Hikkaduwa.

Boat Ride at the Coral Sanctuary

Boat Ride at the Coral Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Hikkaduwa
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Stretching from a line of coral hotels at the northern side of the strip to a collection of rocks, about 100 m offshore, you can explore the coral sanctuary and swim out to the rocks from the Coral Gardens Hotel, where the shore has a direct connection to the reef.  The coral sanctuary is also the best place for a boat ride to witness the underwater enchantments with colourful corals and beautiful assortments of fish. A ride in a boat with a glass base will have you enjoying the scenic view in the crystal clear waters of Hikkaduwa with a variety of delicate plants and marine creatures in their natural dwellings.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving:  Things To Do In Hikkaduwa
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Hikkaduwa’s magnificent coral reef and abundant ecosystem underwater make it a popular choice for snorkelling and scuba diving excursions in Sri Lanka, with over 60 species of hard coral and about 170 kinds of tropical reef fish in the Hikkaduwa National Park’s fringing bank. These excursions give the visitors an opportunity to explore a number of shipwrecks as well, some of which remain well-maintained, lying at varying depths of the ocean. The best time to explore snorkelling and scuba at Hikkaduwa is between November and April when the sea is calm and conditions opportune for some mesmeric underwater photography.

Rent a Bicycle

Rent a Bicycle:  Things To Do In Hikkaduwa
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A backpacker’s ideal destination, Hikkaduwa is perfect to rent a bicycle and peddle around, strolling at a leisurely pace and enjoying the quaint town with the wonderful breeze! And whilst you’re at it, include a few sights to see like the Tsunami Education Centre and Museum that not only educates about Tsunami but also has on display pictures of the 2004 disaster; or enjoy riding amidst the tea zones in the city to relish and choose the different types of teas suiting your taste.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments:  Things To Do In Hikkaduwa
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When you’re exhausted after enjoying the water sports or sightseeing, Hikkaduwa has the perfect option for you to relax without a care in the world with its wondrous & signature Sri Lankan ayurvedic spa treatments & massages to rejuvenate & refresh your body, mind & soul.

Beach Fun

Beach Fun:  Things To Do In Hikkaduwa
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Hikkaduwa Beaches may not match up to the ones in Goa or Bali, but they attract their fair share of travellers from across the world! The Narigama beach is renowned for being a major crowd puller, with its beach stretch of nearly 4 km and is the most crowded spot for surfing from April through October. The setting sun here splashes beautiful hues making it a charming sight for all.


Then there’s the Laguna with a pool of shallow water that has coral reefs on both sides breaking the waves. It’s the best spot for you and your kids, should you wish to enter the ocean and hence a big hit among families to beat the heat! Early morning you can find some of the most beautiful and exotic fish around the coral area’s shallow portion.

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