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Things To Do In Corfu

Planning A Trip To Corfu? Here's our list of top things to do in Corfu

Corfu is a very popular island, located towards the north-west coast of Greece. It is more popular with European tourists as it is easily accessible from the UK and Italy and makes for a great summer break. There are many things to do in Corfu including a whole bunch of beach activities - but they are best experienced between May and October when the weather is fairly warm. However, Venetian architecture, beautiful sunsets, a heritage old town and other historic monuments, makes this island a year-round holiday destination.

Explore The Old Town

Explore The Old Town:  Things To Do In Corfu
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Corfu's old town is a UNESCO listed town and is one of the most photographed places in Corfu. The pedestrian-only cobbled streets take you down a completely different world. Medieval walls, Venetian architecture, beautiful squares, busy streets, ancient churches and more is what is waiting for you at almost every corner. Some of the specific sites you might want to visit are the Saint Spyridon Church, the Old Fortress, the Liston, Statue of Georgios Theotokis and the Spilias Square. There is also a cricket field, the only one in all of Greece!

Swim The Love Canal in Sidari

Swim The Love Canal in Sidari:  Things To Do In Corfu
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A natural and picturesque canal, Canal d’Amour is a busy tourist destination. One of the things that attracts visitors here is the little legend behind the canal. It is believed that a couple who swims in the channel will marry soon and have a lasting relationship. It is also a very romantic spot to watch the sunset and just walk hand in hand on the beach with your loved one.

Go Hiking At Mount Pantokrator

Go Hiking At Mount Pantokrator:  Things To Do In Corfu
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For a beautiful panoramic view of the island, visit Mount Pantokrator - the highest mountain peak at Corfu. You can hike to the top of the summit which would take around 2 hours for someone who is reasonably fit. If you are too tired to hike, you can also drive to the top. There is also a small 17th Century church near the top - marking the similarity between Greek and Indian cultures of worship. On a clear day, you can also see the border of Albania.

Visit Other Virgin Islands

Visit Other Virgin Islands:  Things To Do In Corfu
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Around Corfu are small islands that make for a good day excursion. These beautiful virgin islands will surely make your day if all you want to do is relax, swim and soak up the sun. Towards the north-west of Corfu are three islands known as the Diapontian islands. They can be accessed by boat from the port of Agios Stefanos. Off the south coast of Corfu lie the islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi which can be accessed by boat from the main port.

Catch A Breathtaking Sunset

Catch A Breathtaking Sunset:  Things To Do In Corfu
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There are many places where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. You can get a splendid view of the Ionian Sea from the Monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritsa. Another option is to watch aeroplanes fly low above you with a backdrop of the setting sun, from Kanoni, near the famous Pontikonisi. The canal at Sidari is also a great spot to watch the sunset with your loved one.

Get Wet At Aqualand Park

Get Wet At Aqualand Park:  Things To Do In Corfu
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If you're looking for some nostalgic fun, visit Aqualand Park and enjoy the water slides. It's a great place for the entire family to enjoy. They have a children's play area, some extreme rides for the adrenaline seekers and family rides like the wave pool, lazy river, family rafting etc. They are open from mid-May to early October only from 10 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.

Enjoy Some Water Sports

Enjoy Some Water Sports:  Things To Do In Corfu
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When there is an abundance of beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to go crazy with some adventure sports. Some of the best places to go diving are Kontokali, Gouvia, Acharavi and Paleokastritsa. Paragliding, Jet Ski and Water Ski can be found in most beach resorts. You can also enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride in Paleokastritsa and discover the wonders of the Ionian Sea. Snorkelling, Wakeboarding, Kayaking and plenty of other activities can also be enjoyed in different parts of the island.

Relax At Agni Bay

Relax At Agni Bay:  Things To Do In Corfu
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Agni Bay is located towards the north-east coast of Corfu and is a little piece of heaven. Watch as boats sail in and out, sun-Bath, or take a dip in the relaxing calm waters. There are a few big restaurants and taverns nearby that serve amazing seafood. The bay is a hidden gem and is a popular spot for romantic dinners and moonlight walks.

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