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Corfu Weather And Best Time To Visit Corfu

Planning A Trip To Corfu? Here's a snapshot of Corfu weather and the best time to visit Corfu

Weather in Corfu is typical of the Mediterranean climate - not too extreme and pleasant almost all year round. This beautiful island is located off the west coast of Greece amidst the Ionian Sea. It has a population of just over 100,000 people, but it gets filled with twice as much during the summers with tourists coming in from neighbouring countries, as it is a very popular and easily accessible destination. So the best time to visit Corfu is actually during spring or fall to escape all the hordes of tourists. Between April and October is when you can best enjoy its beach-weather.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Corfu Weather And Best Time To Visit Corfu
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Corfu is in full bloom during the spring. After the dry season, the green of nature makes its way back. The weather is still a bit chilly in March but by April it is 17°C and by May it is a pleasant 22°C. Since it is an island, beach activities are always at the top of everyone's mind and that is best experienced during the latter part of spring when the golden sand is sprawling with fewer tourists.


Easter is celebrated with a lot of gusto so that's always a lovely time to visit the island.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Corfu Weather And Best Time To Visit Corfu
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Summer is filled with tourists especially from the UK and Europe. Weather can get hot but for those who like the sunshine, it's quite perfect. The average temperature at its highest is around 31°C. No rain is expected during the summer months. Water sports and sun-bathing activities are at their peak. Be sure to book your hotel well in advance to get decent rates.


The popular Varkarola festival is celebrated on the 11th of August every year which is a dedication to Saint Spyridon. The Festival of Garouna and Ano Gerakiana is also celebrated in August.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn (September to November):  Corfu Weather And Best Time To Visit Corfu
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Fall is a great time to spend a few days in Corfu, getting your feet wet and having a relaxed holiday, with lesser heat and crowds of summer. The temperature is still fairly warm in September averaging 27°C but by November it goes down to 15°C, making it a bit too chilly to show off your swimsuit. This is also the perfect weather to go on hikes and do loads of sightseeing. A few days of rain can be expected in October and November.


There aren't any notable annual events that take place during this season.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Corfu Weather And Best Time To Visit Corfu
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Come winter and a lot of the beach activities and resorts close down. It is also far too cold to take a dip in the turquoise waters. However, there is so much more to enjoy in Corfu than just its beaches. So even in Winter, you can enjoy a nice holiday and spend quality time hiking its nature trails and delving into its rich historical past. It can rain about 9 to 10 days in a month during this season.


The Feast of Saint Spyridon is celebrated every year on December 22nd and the Carnival of Corfu is celebrated in February.

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