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Things To Do In Thessaloniki

Planning A Trip To Thessaloniki? Here's our list of top things to do in Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki has seen a lot of turmoil as well as splendour. It was once the capital of all Roman-Greek provinces. Today, it is the cultural capital of Greece and has a population of over 1 million, making it the second largest city in Greece after Athens.  There are many things to do in Thessaloniki, from historical to cultural activities. It is a tourist friendly city, offering easy transportation, lots of historical monuments, beautiful landscapes and also has many beaches, just at the outskirts of the city.

Take A Byzantine Tour

Take A Byzantine Tour:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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Thessaloniki is the cultural capital of Greece. But once upon a time, it was the capital of the entire Macedonia region. Being a city of so much importance, there were many churches and buildings constructed during the reign of the Byzantine Empire. Take a tour of these iconic architectural structures and learn the history of Thessaloniki along the way. Some of the monuments include the Rotunda, Byzantine Bath, the Walls of Thessaloniki, Church of Panagia Chalkeon, Hagia Sophia, Hagios Demetrios, Church of the holy Apostles and more.

Relax By The Waterfront

Relax By The Waterfront:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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Thessaloniki has a beautiful waterfront that stretches for a distance of 5 km from Thessaloniki’s Port to the concert hall. Sit by the waterside and look at the boats come in and out or do a bit of fishing! Walk along the entire stretch to explore some unique landmarks including the statue of Alexander The Great, The White Tower and other interesting art installations. There are many gardens too. You can bicycle, ride your Segway or just walk. If you are here in the evening, then you will be treated with a magical sunset!

Enjoy The Nightlife

Enjoy The Nightlife:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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Ladadika is a beautiful area of the city where you can enjoy the lively nightlife of Thessaloniki. It is located close to the port and was once the central market area during the Ottoman rule. The name Ladadika literally means ‘The shops that sell oil and its products’. Today, these narrow streets are bustling with the energy of bars and restaurants. Live music can be heard in many of the taverns. Lovely outdoor seating on the streets set up a wonderful mood. Greeks are known to eat quite late, so the restaurants start to get crowded only after 9 pm.

Visit The Royal Tombs Of Macedonian Kings

Visit The Royal Tombs Of Macedonian Kings:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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The town of Vergina is just about an hour's drive away and offers an unforgettable experience. The tomb of King Philip II of Macedonia – Father of Alexander The Great can be found here along with other tombs from the royal family at the Archaeological Site Of Aigai. The tomb was found almost completely whole and is showcased in its entirety. The eerie silence and the majestic aura around it will leave you dumbfounded. The museum also gives you an interesting insight into the story of the kings along with some exhibits of their valuables.

Other sites in the locality you can visit are the Acropolis, Theatre & Palace.

Segway City Tour

Segway City Tour:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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Thessaloniki has many interesting sites – including modern, cultural and historic ones. A very interesting way to explore the city is to do a Segway tour! Ride along effortlessly, while being environmentally friendly, and see places like the White Tower, Church of St. Demetrius, Turkish Baths, Arch of Galerius and more!

Experience A Food & Culture Tour

Experience A Food & Culture Tour:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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Greeks are famously known for their love of food and feeding others! Enjoy this traditional hospitality in a cultural and food tasting tour where you can sample some Greek cuisine. You will also get a chance to explore the markets like a local and learn more about traditional Greek customs. Many tour operators offer such an experience and it is definitely worth your time, especially if you are a meat lover and are open to tasting different flavours.

Take A Day Trip To A Neighboring Town

Take A Day Trip To A Neighboring Town:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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There are many interesting towns near Thessaloniki that are worth exploring. Skopje is rich in beauty – beautiful lakes, canyon, stone bridge etc. and is less than 3 hours away. Meteora’s Famous Monasteries and Rock-Mountain landscapes are also about 3 hours away. The beautiful Halkidiki is a 1-hour drive, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and turquoise water along with picturesque villages and forgotten ruins.

Sail On A Private Yacht

Sail On A Private Yacht:  Things To Do In Thessaloniki
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Rent your own private Yacht and feel like a celebrity for the day! Many tour operators offer full day and half day cruises and it is definitely a unique way to see the coastline of Thessaloniki. Sip on coffee (or a chilled beer!) and relax! Enjoy the wind in your face, the call of the birds and the never-ending sight of the sea.

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