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Things To Do In Crete

Planning A Trip To Crete? Here's our list of top things to do in Crete

There are so many things to do in Crete as it is such a large island! From beach fun to admiring beautiful Venetian architecture of the towns and villages around the island, there is something for everyone. Crete is full of history and culture and it will not disappoint you. Make sure you have plenty of time in your hands while exploring this magical island.

Hold A Snake At Aquaworld!

Hold A Snake At Aquaworld!:  Things To Do In Crete
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The Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre in Hersonissou is a fun place for kids and adults alike. There are many species of aquatic animals and reptiles and people are encouraged to interact with them! Hold a snake or feed a turtle, enjoy being friendly with the animals and take awesome pictures! The aquarium is open 6 days a week and is closed on Sundays.

Trek the beautiful Gorge Samaria

Trek the beautiful Gorge Samaria:  Things To Do In Crete
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The gorge runs through the white mountains of Crete for 16 km and ends at the Mediterranean sea. The trail starts from the top of the gorge, making its way downhill between the mountains. The views are absolutely breathtaking however, the trek is only for the adventurous as the climb can get steep and narrow in places. All in all, it can take 4 to 5 hours depending on your fitness level. If you do not want to hike the entire trail, you can also take a bus to Chora Sfakia and then catch a ferry to Agia Roumeli. This will bring you to the sea end of the gorge and you can climb up from there for about 1 and a half hour to see the picturesque ‘Iron Gates.’

Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping:  Things To Do In Crete
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There are many boat cruises to the various small islands around Crete. You can choose to go to Spinalonga which is a fortress from the Venetian period or go to Balos Lagoon. Another island to explore is Ierapetra, which is towards the southern tip. Dia Island is a trip that can be taken from Heraklion. If you’re looking for something unique, try the Pirate Boat or the Semi-Submarine trip!

Explore The Town of Chania

Explore The Town of Chania:  Things To Do In Crete
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Chania is the 2nd largest town in Crete after Heraklion. There are many beautiful places to see here like the Venetian harbour and lighthouse, the waterfront area where you can find many restaurants and shopping streets. There is also a Maritime Museum which is interesting. You can just walk around the town to see its pretty architecture with Turkish and Venetian influence.

Wander Through Rethymno

Wander Through Rethymno:  Things To Do In Crete
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The best way to look through Rethymno is to wander around on foot. There are some really beautiful churches here that can be explored. Rethymno also has a Venetian style port and lighthouse. Visit the Venetian Loggia, a 16th-century building used by nobles to discuss important matters. Rimondi fountain can be located at Petchyki square built in the 17th century. Walk along to the Four Martyrs square to see the Guora Gate which was once the entrance to the town. It will lead you to the narrow market streets which you can wander in for hours and do a spot of shopping.

Go Deep With Watersports

Go Deep With Watersports:  Things To Do In Crete
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Crete is an island full of culture, history, romance and of course adventure! Enjoy the thrill of scuba diving and discover exciting ship wrecks! If you dive from Nikolos, found in the Lassithi region, you can also see Caretta Caretta Turtle and a glimpse of the ruins of an ancient city! Other watersports that can be enjoyed in Crete are Kayaking, Surfing, Paddle Surfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Snorkelling and fishing.

Go On An Exotic Tasting Experience

Go On An Exotic Tasting Experience:  Things To Do In Crete
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Whether its Wine Tasting or Olive Oil, they are both equally exotic and fun! Take a day trip to the winery or olive oil factory and experience this very Greek tradition. You can also combine this with a Greek gourmet lunch. There are many tours that start from Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno.

Enjoy A Romantic Time At Mirambello Bay

Enjoy A Romantic Time At Mirambello Bay:  Things To Do In Crete
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You can spend almost an entire day within the bay area as the beautiful towns of Elounda, Agios Nikolaos and Plaka are located here. The water is blue and stunning and offers beautiful sunset views in the evening. Watch the busy boats taking countless tourists to and fro Spinalonga island, which is just off the coast, and relax on the beaches. Many wonderful restaurants along the coastline will keep your taste buds satiated.

Party Hard In Malia

Party Hard In Malia:  Things To Do In Crete
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While Mykonos may be known as a party island, Crete is no less and offers some wild nightlife scenes. If you are looking to party till the sun goes down, there are many clubs in Malia and Hersonissos that have thumping music and great DJs from dusk to dawn. If partying is not your style, you can visit one of the many lounge bars in Heraklion or Chania and enjoy some exotic cocktails and good food. You could also visit some traditional taverns where you can enjoy live Greek music and traditional Cretan dances.

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