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Tarkarli Weather And Best Time To Visit Tarkarli

Planning A Trip To Tarkarli? Here's a snapshot of Tarkarli weather and the best time to visit Tarkarli

Down by the wild white waters of the Arabian Sea and the sun kissed beaches, Tarkarli is a destination that is waiting to be explored. It is a quaint little fishing village which has a good number of tourists visiting the beaches for the adventure sports that are available, and the lush countryside that presents a sight that one finds pleasing to the eyes.


Tarkarli has a tropical climate with warm and humid summers, wet monsoon months and warm yet pleasant winters. The best months to visit the beach town are from October to February that is the mild months of winter. Tarkarli has charming places to explore and the best season would ensure that you have a good trip. Read on to know more about the weather of Tarkarli.

Summer (March - May)

Summer (March - May):  Tarkarli Weather And Best Time To Visit Tarkarli
Photograph by trover.com

Summer sets in by March and the months get hotter and humid through May, which would make any travel tad difficult. You can get off on wild adventurous by the waters, since it is lovely to get a dunk in the sea during the hot day, but otherwise summers are not considered touristy months. You can spend early mornings or sun set by the beaches, when a cool sea breeze blows in.


Scuba diving summer camps are held in Tarkarli during these months, so you could cool off by the waters. Tarkarli comes alive during summers for the colorful Ram Navami Utsav held in the Maha Purush Mandir. If you are visiting Tarkarli during these hot months keep plenty of water handy and wear light summer clothes.

Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoon (June - September):  Tarkarli Weather And Best Time To Visit Tarkarli
Photograph by hmetro.com.my

The south westerly monsoon rains bring in moderate to heavy showers, with occasional thunderstorms to these coastal regions. The land turns beautiful, lush and squeaky clean, but you might be spending more time sitting by the window watching the rains as travel might be spoilt by the incessant showers.


Tourists who love the rains prefer visiting Tarkarli during the monsoon months, when the beaches are comparatively less crowded and the weather’s good too. You might even get discounts in accommodations during these off season months. But most of the water sport activities might be cancelled due to the rains. Do keep an umbrella and a raincoat handy.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Tarkarli Weather And Best Time To Visit Tarkarli
Photograph by iratrips.com

Winters are perfect months with pleasant daylight and cooler nights. You can indulge in sightseeing, scuba diving or snorkeling at the clear waters of the Arabian Sea to your hearts’ content. Drives to the long stretches of beaches of the Konkan that lie near Tarkarli are an ideal pastime during these pleasant months. Winter is more special with seasonal festivals adding color and cheer to the little coastal village. Hundreds gather for the annual Anganewadi Jatra usually held in February or March at the Baradi Devi temple.


You can go off on birding tours or on a boat ride to the Tsunami Island which is one of the best places to spot the friendly dolphins. The days are clear and bright and present idyllic occasions for nature photography as well.

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