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Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli

Planning A Trip To Tarkarli? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Tarkarli

If you would like to picturise a peaceful coastal village that is celebrated for its beautiful beaches and offbeat adventures with all those little temples and ancient forts that overlook the seas, Tarkarli is one place that you might want to visit. The village has a rural atmosphere with cashew and jackfruit orchards on the one side and the Arabian Sea at the other and is enveloped in a rustic charm that has nothing showy about it.


Whether you are passing by the little village and would like to explore the place or if you are staying in a resort in town, there are picturesque little places you would love to take a look at when you are not enjoying a day out at the sands. We will give you a list of the most touristy places in and around Tarkarli.

Padmagad Fort

Padmagad Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by wikimapia.org

An impressive citadel overlooking the Arabian Sea, the Padmagad Fort that is positioned between Sindhudurg Fort and the coastline of Malvan, was built during the rule of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji as a sort of naval defense for the Sindhudurg Fort. Though some parts of the fort are in ruins, the external walls and the fortifications that remain visible from afar are impressive. You can check out the ancient well and a small shrine for the God Vethaleshwar, where local fishermen offer prayers to the deity. It is said that during the rule of the Marathas, the fort had been used as a ship building yard and ships were docked near the fortress.


Ferry boats are sometimes available to reach the fort, but you could also watch the fort as you take a boat ride to Sindhudurg Fort. Padmagad Fort is about 5 km from Tarkarli, via Devbagh.

Brahmanand Swami Caves

Brahmanand Swami Caves:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by youtube.com

According to legends these ancient natural caves were a secretive place for a tunnel that was dug up to reach the Sindhudurg Fort. Brahmanand Swami used the caverns that were carved out of a jambha stone, to sit in meditation for about 36 years before he attained siddhi, so a Samadhi was built for him in these caves. Apart from the Samadhi there is a Shiva Linga and idols of Sai Baba and Brahmanand Swami that the locals use in worship.


The caves are located in a serene locality with tall lush green trees, and the wilderness offers ample places for meditation and photography. Check out the reservoirs near the cave temples. Brahmanand Swami Caves are in Ozar near Revandi, about 5 km from Malvan Jetty.

Rameshwar Temple

Rameshwar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by lkholidayhome.com

The Rameshwar temple was built in the very land that was given away as Iman to Lord Dev Rameshwar or Shiva by the king Chhatrapati Shambhu Raje of Kolhapur. Since the land belonged to Shiva, the temple was built to dedication to Dev Rameshwar. The renovated temple looks stately and majestic and is a must visit. Check out the stumbhs or diyas that were erected in the 17th century. Pilgrims and tourists are offered free meals of rice and dhal and a sweet dish that is prepared by the locals who live near the temple.


Rameshwar Temple is in Achara, about a 30 minute walk away from the Achara bus stop. Achara is about 23 km from Tarkarli.

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by pinterest.com

Sindhudurg fort, one of the most iconic mighty fortresses of the Konkan, is just one among the 111 forts that were built during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji. The massive stronghold that was built in 1664 has seen many a battle with the clashing of swords and clarion calls pass through its fortified walls. Check out the tall and massively thick walls of the fortress that were built in a zig zag patterns, with watch towers at intervals and 52 bastions and the impressions of the right hand and left foot of Chhatrapati Shivaji on one of the ramparts.


There are many places to explore in the Sindhudurg fort, including the small shrines for Hanuman, Mahapurush and Devrajeshwar, the three wells with potable water and the Ranichi Vela or Queen’s Beach outside the southern wall, where Queen Tarabai used to bathe. S8ndhudurg Fort is about 10 km away from Tarkarli and can be reached by ferry from the Malvan jetty.

Bhadrakali Mandir

Bhadrakali Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by tripnight.com

Bhadrakali Temple is set is a lush verdant landscape that fills one with a bliss and quietness. The temple sits on a hilltop beside the coast and is just the right place for peaceful contemplation. According to legends, Goddess Parvathi came down to Earth to this very spot to do a penance. Pleased with her devotion, Lord Shiva joined her at the place where the temple for Bhadra (Shiva Shankar) and Parvathi (Kali) was built later. Bhadrakali is worshipped as the resident God of the region.


Tripuri Pournima and the annual Jatraotsav are celebrated with pomp and splendor, with hundreds of people from the neighboring villages and towns gathering on the occasion. Bhadrakali Temple is at Revandi, about 8 km from Tarkarli.

Kotkamte Fort and Temple

Kotkamte Fort and Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by trekshitiz.com

Kotkamte is a small hamlet in the Konkan region of Sindhudurg, about 39 km from Tarkarli. The hamlet has the dilapidated remains of a once majestic fort called the Kotkamte fort that was built in the 18th century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre. The charming temple for Goddess Bhagawathi that was also built by the King is located inside the fort, with a plaque which has inscriptions of the origin of the fort and the temple.


The main idol of Goddess Bhagawathi who is also known as Awakening Goddess, is of black stone and you cannot miss out the simple yet endearing architecture of the place, with the red sloped roofs, the huge carved wooden pillars or the shrines for Hanuman, Srideva Rawalnath and Pavana devi. Bhagawathi temple’s Navaratri utsav is traditionally celebrated with great pomp and splendor with thousands of pilgrims and tourists thronging at the temple during these festive days.

Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple

Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by flickr.com

Shree Shivchhatrapati temple is located inside the Sindhudurg Fort that can be reached by a ferry ride from Malvan. The temple, said to be the only one of its kind, constructed for the Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was built by around 1695 by the king’s son Rajaram. Check out the lime stone slab near Dilli Gate which has the preserved palm and foot prints of Shivaji Maharaj.


The main idol of the Chhatrapati Shivaji temple is carved out of black stone and is an impressive one, with the sword used by the king in his battles displayed in front of the idol. The temple, especially the celebrated sword should interest history buffs.

Kunkeshwar Temple

Kunkeshwar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by flickr.com

Kunkeshwar temple is a temple to Lord Shiva and a very popular pilgrim site. It is an ancient temple sitting by the coast and its splendid architecture and the proximity of the Arabian Sea and the Kunkeshwar Beach offer such a picturesque setting. Known as Konkan Kashi, the temple that was built by the Yadava Kings by around 1100 AD is said to have been visited often by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


Check out the Kunkeshwar caves on the eastern side of the temple, with beautiful etched figurines of gods and humans, probably warriors. The temple has accommodation facilities for pilgrims who need a stay over. Kunkeshwar is near Devgad and when you are visiting the temple, you might visit the Vijaydurg Fort as well. Kunkeshwar is about 45 km from Tarkarli.

Devbagh Beach

Devbagh Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by malvancity.com

Devbagh beach is one classic coastline for a beach lover, what with the white sun kissed sands, the clean, gentle rolling waves and uncrowded shoreline, Devbagh beach is a must visit on every tourist’s bucket list. Devbagh Sangam as the place is also known is where the Karli River meanders down to join the Arabian Sea. The southern end of Malvan closes at the sangam at Devbagh which lies adjacent to the beach of Tarkarli.


There are shallow creeks near the shore where you can find hundreds of seagulls and far beyond dolphins play. Take a boat ride to Tsunami Island for the water sports, watch the colorful fishing boats ride the waves as the fisher folk cast their nets or spend an unhurried evening in the beach chasing the crabs or collecting seashells and conches. Devbagh beach is about 5 km from Tarkarli.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary

Malvan Marine Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tarkarli
Photograph by acting-for-life.org

The seas around the Konkan are rich in an ecologically diverse variety of sea life including colorful fishes, pearl oysters, mollusks, sea anemones, seaweed and corals as well as wild mangroves. The rocky beaches where the Malvan Marine Sanctuary lies spread over about 29.120 sq. km is an remarkable place you could visit to learn more about the marine life on the Konkan. The Sanctuary encompasses the beautiful sandy beaches and the submerged rocky formations around Malvan.


While visiting the Sanctuary you could combine a trip to Sindhudurg and Padmagad Forts. The Forest Department has made accommodation facilities available, just in case tourists would want an unhurried exploration of the Sanctuary.

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