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Rajmachi Weather And Best Time To Visit Rajmachi

Planning A Trip To Rajmachi? Here's a snapshot of Rajmachi weather and the best time to visit Rajmachi

Rajmachi, a virgin land of green carpeted rolling hills and dense forested regions on the Sahyadri mountain ranges, with a plethora of flora and fauna and wild streams and waterfalls, is a place that nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts would love to visit any time of the year.


Every season that falls over the mountain ranges of Rajmachi lays its own bounteous magic over the landscape, and you could visit Rajmachi through the year to enjoy camping out under the stars or in the caves, going off on firefly treks or revel in the pleasures of a monsoon rain and to watch the waterfalls. But the real ideal time would be the monsoon, when the streams are full and the region is lusciously green. Here's a weather guide to help you navigate Rajmachi.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Rajmachi Weather And Best Time To Visit Rajmachi
Photograph by trekkerpedia.com

Rajmachi is one of the favored hot spots of Maharashtra that people prefer over the hustle and bustle of the humid regions of summer in the plains. May to June is when the pre monsoon showers patter down, the fireflies begin their nocturnal mating season and the region bursts into a multitude of twinkling lights emitted by the fireflies at night. Come full moon summer nights, organized trekking and camping groups get off on night treks to Rajmachi.


Summer begins in March with a moderately temperate climate. Days are warm and are ideal for trekking up the hills. It turns quite hot by May, which is considered the warmest month of the year. Summer is ideal for short day treks and camping under the stars. Wear light cotton clothes and carry water bottles.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Rajmachi Weather And Best Time To Visit Rajmachi
Photograph by cool943.com

After pre monsoon showers of June, July begins with moderate to heavy rains that last till the month of September. Monsoon is considered the most ideal time to visit, for the rain showers dip down the mercury levels of May and do turn the landscape most refreshing, cool and green. Pamper yourself with some hot tea and pakoras from the stalls at the base village.


Monsoon is the time to indulge in bird watching and photography for the region abounds with wildflowers and deep valleys, though trekking during the monsoon months could be restricted. The mountain streams and waterfalls like the Shirota Lake and Kataldhar waterfalls are engorged with the monsoon rains and are a treat to watch. Carry an umbrella or preferably a rain coat at all times.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Rajmachi Weather And Best Time To Visit Rajmachi
Photograph by tripsavvy.com

The month of October is fairly mellow, with a pleasantly warm and sunny climate and clear skies. By November the weather turns with cooler daytimes and colder nights and you might want to wear warm woolen clothes. Winter is an ideal time for winter trekking, cycling up the footpaths up the hill, bird and butterfly watching and photography. There are no vagaries of weather and you could spend a lot of time outdoors.


There are numerous places near Rajmachi like the Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary and Tungarli Lake and Dam that could be visited when the season’s good. Winter is a good time to stay in the village at Rajmachi and indulge in an unhurried exploration of the mountain ranges.

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