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Kodaikanal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal

Planning A Trip To Kodaikanal? Here's a snapshot of Kodaikanal weather and the best time to visit Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal or the Princess of Hill Stations, had been a favourite summer retreat for the British and American missionaries, who visited Kodaikanal in and around 1845, to take refuge from the sweltering heat of the plains. Kodaikanal is still a favourite summer and winter retreat and looks so appealing and pictorial through the year, so it’s probably safe to say that Kodaikanal has a salubrious climate and can be visited any time of the year. But the ideal time to visit Kodaikanal is from September to May, as the showery months from June to September may throw a spanner on outdoor activities and visiting the sites. Read on to know more about the seasons and weather changes in Kodaikanal.


Summer(March-May):  Kodaikanal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal
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During summer, Kodaikanal has a very pleasant climate with warm days and cool nights. The warm sun gently melts the mist of winter and everything looks so fresh and verdant. It’s a great time for long sightseeing trips and adventure sports. If you’re planning a trip to Kodaikanal in summer, don’t miss out on the Summer Festival (May-June) with a flower show and competitions. Book rooms in advance as summer is peak tourist season. Mango showers are likely, so keep an umbrella handy. Explore the town on foot, sip a special piping hot Masala Chai at a roadside stall. Temperature averages 20°C - 36°C.


Monsoon(June-September):  Kodaikanal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal
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It’s quite rainy in July and August, with anything from a light drizzle to occasional heavy rainfall. But the weather is good nevertheless and the region gets more abundantly green and fertile during the monsoons. Kodaikanal turns into a virtual carpet of Kurinji flowers that bloom from July-November, though they might bloom earlier in Kodaikanal.
But sightseeing and outdoor sports may be cumbersome. Heavy rainfall might cause landslips and floods in forest streams. Monsoon is off season for a trip to Kodaikanal, but the region looks most enticing for the romantics at heart. You are likely to get discounts and deals in accommodations, a perk for the off peak season. Temperature averages 16°C-23°C.


Winter(November-February):  Kodaikanal Weather And Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal
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The season turns cold and misty, especially as nights set in and its better you carry along woollens and jackets. But it’s a great time to go trekking or sailing across the lake on a boat, in fact just about any kind of sightseeing is cool during winter. Visit the waterfalls and streams that are swollen with the monsoon rains. Photoshoot the Cherry blossoms on the trees! The cool wintery nip in the air is so appealing! Check out the Tea and Tourism Festival in January and of course the traditional Pongal Festival. Average temperature ranges from 8°C-25°C.

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