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Vellore Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Vellore? Here's a detailed Vellore tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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27.4° C / 81.2° F
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Best Months To Visit:
December to March
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Chennai Airport (129 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Katpadi Junction Railway Station (8 kms)

Vellore in the south of India is one of the largest districts in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city of Vellore and the towns around have many a number of interesting tourist places that see a steady flow of tourists from the world over.


Since ancient times, right from being ruled by the mighty kingdoms of South India to being the spearhead of various significant battles against the British that have gone into the pages of the country’s history, Vellore has always been considered an important city, especially in the annals of tourism, with its considerable numbers of temples, forts and memorials to the slain Indian soldiers of Vellore who fought in the First World War and in the battles at Vellore. Special mention should be made of the military village of Kammavanpettai in Vellore district, which has more young men serving the Indian Armed Forces as soldiers, than as farmers tending to their fields.


Vellore is also a hub of medical tourism and learning with some of the premier medical institutions and colleges functioning from the region, with people coming in not only from within the country but from all over the world. Vellore is also quite renowned for its international market for finished leather goods and its ancient traditions of art and cuisine that dates back to the Nawab and Mughal periods. If you would like to visit Vellore, our travel guide will help you plan a memorable trip.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Vellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Vellore sits on the border of Tamil Nadu, and has an easy approach even from the neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The commercial and tourist town is easily accessible by train.


By Air:

The nearest airport is at Chennai that serves domestic flights to most cities around the country and international flights to London, Kuala Lampur, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka et al. You could hire a cab from the airport to the city of Vellore. The other alternative would be taking a bus or train from Chennai to Vellore.


By Train:

There are several trains from most major cities to Katpadi Junction Railway Station that is the nearest rail head to Vellore. Vellore is a short distance from the railway station and you can hire a cab, a tuk tuk or board a bus to reach your destination.


By Road:

Vellore is simply easy to get to with umpteen numbers of state and private buses from most parts of Tamil Nadu and from the nearby towns of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and Bengaluru in Karnataka. You could also drive to Vellore or book a cab.


Getting Around:

There are local buses, auto rickshaws, share autos and cabs for getting around. Motorbikes are also easily available on hire and you can use one if you would like a ride round town.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Vellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Vellore’s climate is tropical, with rather hot summers and temperamental monsoons. The best time to visit Vellore would be ideally from December to March.


Summer (March – May):

Summers are known to be warm and sweltering in Vellore. Surrounded by hills, the region is left hot and humid, especially by April and May. Summers are lean tourist period.


Monsoon (June – September):

Vellore gets sparse to heavy rains during the southwest monsoon, that might occasional turn to very heavy rains with floods in low lying areas. Northeast monsoons are also heavy, so monsoon months are off season as well.


Winter (December – February):

Winters are humid, but cooler than the rest of the year. There might be occasional showers in December, but otherwise these are the perfect months for a trip to Vellore.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Vellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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A Stroll up the Hills:

Vellore has several hills and hillocks nearby and one of the greatest passions of the people is taking a relaxed stride up the hills. Choose a cool, lovely wintery day to march up the Toad Hill, Kotai Malai, Sikar Malai or Kara Malai.


Glass House on a Peak:

Visit the Glass house built by the British atop the highest peak of Jawadhu Hill. Call on the Herbal Farm maintained by the Forest Department and the 5000 year old Stone Age cave houses in Kilseppili -Valparai.


Mordhana Dam:

Mordhana Dam, about 8 km from Gudiyatham, sits over the river Koundinya nadhi, nestled between two high hills covered with lush greenery. The dam is a cool place for a photo shoot and a picnic, especially at monsoon. Visit the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary that’s close by.


Lakes and Falls:

What better than a trip to a hill station when on a holiday tour! Take off from Vellore to Yelagiri Hill Station where there are tiny colourful temples atop the small hill station, lakes where you could sail across and waterfalls cascade down the virgin forests.


Shadaranya Kshetras:

Visit the Shadaranya Kshetras of Vellore, the seven temples for Shiva built by the Sapta Rishis. They are the temples of Thiruvantishwara at Gudimallur (Sage Athri), Gouthameshwara at Karai (Sage Gouthama), Valmikeshwara at Melshivaram (Sage Valmiki), Baradwajeshwara at Pudupadi (Sage Bharadwaja), Vasistheshwara at Veppur (Sage Vasista) and Agatheswara at Vannivedu (Sage Agasthya).


Magic Pots:

Take a peek into the village of Karigiri to check if the ancient practise of making the Karigiri pots still exists. A few exhibits of these amazing pots are in the Museum at Vellore Fort.

Festivals and Fairs

Festivals and Fairs:  Vellore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Gangai amman Temple of Gudiyatham about 32 km from Vellore, celebrates a grand colourful carnival for 4 days in the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May). The local government declares a holiday and thousands of people gather at the Gangai amman temple that is located on the banks of the Koundinya Mahanadhi (River). It is said that Renuka, the wife of Sage Jamadagni, who was punished by having her head cut off, is worshipped in this temple as Gangai amman. The festival that is a symbolic to the reuniting of the Goddess’s head with the rest of her body is a day of joy and the locals greet the occasion with a colourful pageant that is accompanied by folk music, dances and martial art shows.

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